5 Best Eyebrows Shapes for Different Face Types

eyebrows shapes for different face types - eyebrows shapeeyebrows shapes for different face types - eyebrows shape

Find Out the Best Eyebrows Shapes for Different Face Types

The shape of the eyebrows is the most important factor that determines face expression.

Having an eyebrow model suitable for your face is an advantage for you, but eyebrows that are incompatible with your face may cause you to look older, adversely affect your expression or lose your naturalness.

Your face shape always shows you the right way to shape your hair and eyebrows. Therefore, small changes you make in your eyebrow shape affect your appearance positively.

Every woman sometimes wants her eyebrows to be fuller and gives them some time, but you have often witnessed how much your appearance has changed while you wait for your plucked eyebrows to fill.

For your eyebrows to have a design suitable for your facial structure, the distance between the two eyes, the structure of the eyelids, the size between the eyebrows and the eyes, the sparseness or thickness of the eyebrows give you some tips for shaping.

So what should be the ideal eyebrows shapes for different face types?

Eyebrows Shapes for Different Face Types

  • Suitable Eyebrow Models for Heart Face

Heart face

Heart face

Unfortunately, the trend of recent times is lush and thick eyebrows, not the best choice for those with a heart-shaped face.

This type of face has a small chin form. Since the upper part of the face is already wide, the thick eyebrow model will make this part appear even wider. That’s why you can keep your small-looking jaw area balanced by trying to keep your eyebrows under control.

We recommend that those with a heart shape should fill their eyebrows with eyebrow shadow or eyebrow pomade.

After tweezing your eyebrows, you should fill them in so that your eyebrow shape will appear more pronounced. After pomade with your brow brush, comb your brows upwards.

  • Eyebrow Models Suitable for Round Face

Round face

Eyebrows shapes for different face types – Round face

Round-faced people may prefer slightly angular and sharp-angled eyebrow models. This will add some definition to the face shape.

Owners of this face shape, which has a cornerless and round bone structure, also need a contour technique.

Eyebrows are also a great tool for this! An eyebrow pencil that is one or two shades lighter than the eyebrow color will do the task of adding movement to your eyebrows.

  • Suitable Eyebrow Models for Square Face

Square face

Square face

Do you know how to tweeze your eyebrows? Those with a square face should know tweezing tips well. Since your face has sharp lines, you should balance this by using slightly rounded eyebrows.

Maintain the natural curve of your eyebrows and comb up. Be careful not to overdo it so that it doesn’t look like a rainbow!

Natural eyebrow models are very popular this year, so you have to be very careful when giving your eyebrows a rounded curve.

  • Suitable Eyebrow Models for Oval Face

Oval face

Eyebrows shapes for different face types – Oval face

Oval-shaped faces need a properly balanced eyebrow shape. Make sure you have soft, naturally angled brows.

You can highlight the initial parts of your eyebrows and choose a thick eyebrow model for the rest. Bushy eyebrows go well with this face type. Your natural and bushy eyebrows mustn’t fall all day long!

Falling eyebrows pull your eyes down and make you look tired. To keep your eyebrows fixed all day long, you should comb them up with mascara.

  • Suitable Eyebrow Models for Long Face

Long face

Long face

Eyebrow models can be a very sensitive subject for people with long faces. It’s important to balance your elongated face with a horizontal shape.

Your eyebrows are also an ideal tool for this. You can have a balanced look by creating a square shape and keeping the eyebrow end a little further back from the outer corners of your eyes.

Eyebrow Types

Eyebrow types

Eyebrow types

1. Who Is The Thin Eyebrow Suitable For?

Thin-eyebrow models suit women with small faces. If you have petite facial features, thin eyebrows will look great on you.

2. Who Is The Straight Eyebrow Suitable For?

The straight eyebrow model best suits long faces. If you have a rectangular or long face shape, you should not make your eyebrows arched. A curved eyebrow shape makes your face line appear longer. Instead, you should straighten your eyebrows to shorten your facial lines.

3. Who Is The Curved Eyebrow Suitable For?

Curved eyebrows best suit round and square face shapes. If you want to show your round face lines as more angular and distinct, you can achieve this goal with a raised eyebrow model.

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