Best Makeup for a 55 Year Old Woman (7 DIY Tips)

Best Makeup for a 55 Year Old Woman Best Makeup for a 55 Year Old Woman

Makeup tips for a 55-Year-Old Woman

When talking about the signs of aging and reaching the age of 55, the first thing that comes to mind is graying and wrinkles, yet despite this matter’s validity, other signs indicate age, including shrinkage.

This phenomenon usually appears after the age of fifty-five, so the length of the woman decreases as she gets older, too.

Hair falls out and becomes light, in addition to the appearance of hair in undesirable places such as the area above the lip and on the chin as well, and many other signs explain that the woman is getting old, but this matter can be resolved through make-up, and in the following will be clarified the best products of make-up that battle and hide the signs of aging.

Step 1. First off, we start by applying a primer.

A primer will give you the best anti-aging effect you could dream of. Place it as a first step to guarantee you get a perfect foundation experience. It will nourish and hydrate your face to keep it energized.

Check out the most recommended one for 55-year-old women:

 1. Covergirl

Step 2. Apply a foundation, and this is the best yet for your 55-year aged skin:

The foundation ensures the erasing of wrinkles and imperfections while instantly boosting your face’s luminosity and restoring its smoothness.

It will give you an even skin tone, as well as a blurring effect on the look of your dark circles. It includes Vitamin C, which acts as a firmer and more nourishing ingredient.

Best Makeup for a 55 Year Old Woman - foundation

Best Makeup for a 55-Year-Old Woman – foundation

Step 3. Adding the best concealer around the eye area:

The most recommended and the most used of all concealers by women that are aged 55.  It removes dark circles and works as a tone corrector for any impurities and flaws.

It’s also capable of reducing skin redness and brightening up a woman’s dull tone. It solves the problem of blemishes and fine lines once and for all, to give you the long-hoped-for glamorous and youthful skin around your eye area that defeats any fatigue or aging signs.

Step 4. Bronzer and contouring powder (the face crafting effect):

This is the best 2 in 1 bronzer and contouring powder to sculpt your skin and get that sun-kissed effect. For a natural look and a fair appearing skin tone.

It is highly essential to find one which goes along well with your skin color so that it does not give you a fake look. Its ingredients include micro-milled powder and whipped cocoa butter that will smoothen your skin and moisturize it greatly.

HACK: Never forget to blend it along with the foundation over your neck.

Step 5. The fifth step goes to the teenage blushing time:

A special form of blush that guarantees the most natural and smooth effect ever. It is a gel-cream tube that will color your cheeks and give them that youthful glow they’ve been missing.

It will spread over your cheeks so silky smooth leaving your cheeks feeling extra soft and moisturized like a young baby, and it will last longer than you could ever imagine.

Best Makeup for a 55 Year Old Woman - blushing

Best Makeup for a 55-Year-Old Woman – blushing

Step 6. Give those eyes of yours a mesmerizing stare with a beautifying eyeliner:

A best-seller in the market of eyeliner products, both affordable and highly effective. Guaranteed to give your eyes a boost of life and the nourishment they need.

It is a 3 in 1 which can be used as an eyeliner, a creamy eyeshadow and a highlighter. Get the perfect pop!

Step 7. Glam your face with the finishing touch of youth, and vibrant lipstick:

Best Makeup for a 55 Year Old Woman - lipstick

Best Makeup for a 55-Year-Old Woman – lipstick

Being a 55-year-old woman, you must avoid any matte lipstick that will cause your lips to look cracked and focus on moisturizing lipsticks that are capable of giving you the most naturally filled looking lips.

With this lipstick, you are guaranteed to catch the eyes and hearts of everyone. Feel young, sexy and fresh again!

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