How to make your eyes look bigger without makeup | 10 Steps

How to make your eyes look bigger without makeupHow to make your eyes look bigger without makeup

How to make your eyes look bigger without makeup in 10 Steps

The right eye makeup can take your look to a new level, but you can still look great without it. Here are 10 tips on how to make your eyes look big, bright and beautiful without any makeup.

1. Make sure you get plenty of sleep

How to make your eyes look bigger without makeup - sleep

How to make your eyes look bigger without makeup – sleep

Sleep is the foundation of just about everything to do with health, beauty, and wellness and it is particularly important if you want your eyes to look their best. Lack of sleep will usually leave your eyes looking dull. It can also lead to dark circles and puffiness in the eye area.

Note that it’s not always about the length that makes your sleep efficient but also the quality of it. If you are not already doing so, start by being physically more active during the day for a deeper sleep at night.

Look at your eyes in the mirror as soon as you wake up and they will tell you if you slept soundly or not. Beauty sleep is a real thing. Take it seriously.

2. Stay hydrated

stay hydrated

stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is another beauty, health, and wellness fundamental and again it’s particularly important if you want your eyes to look good.

Lack of water can make your eyes feel dry and dull and make the skin around your eye area feel dry, flaky and wrinkly, even if you’re at an age where your skin is still very elastic.

3. Give up (or cut back on) bad habits

alcohol and caffeine

Alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine are all bad for your body as a whole and their effects can be particularly noticeable in the eye area.

Alcohol and caffeine are generally fine in moderation but nicotine you want to give up nicotine completely – and not just for the sake of your eyes.

4. Protect your eyes

How to make your eyes look bigger without makeup - sun glasses


Take appropriate precautions for each situation. For example, if you work at a screen, take breaks. If you are in bright sunlight, wear sunglasses (or at least a hat). If you like to swim, wear goggles and so on.

5. Shape your eyebrows

shape eyebrows

shape eyebrows

Just as a frame sets off a picture, your eyebrows frame your eyes. As a minimum, run an eyebrow brush over them so that they are tidy.

Ideally, you want to shape them properly. Do this gently; remember it’s far easier to remove excess hair than it is to grow it back.

Use an electric eyebrow trimmer and hair removal razor to get it right every time.

6. Curl your eyelashes

eye lashes

How to make your eyes look bigger without makeup – curl eyelashes

Similar comments apply here. You don’t have to use mascara but you do have to make sure that your eyelashes are tidy and make you look “awake”.

7. Take care of the skin around your eyes

skin around the eye

the skin around the eye

The skin around your eyes is exceptionally delicate and needs to be treated with the utmost care if it’s to look good and make your eyes look good.

Even if you don’t wear eye makeup, always cleanse and tone the eye area at least once daily to deal with everyday pollution. Ideally, do this night and morning.

Be very generous with the moisturizer, especially as you age. Invest in a good eye cream and apply it with gentle, circular movements to give your skin a massage.

At least once a week, give the skin around your eyes a proper pamper. This will depend on various factors, including the time of year, your lifestyle and your age.

In both summer and winter, for example, your skin is likely to be facing extreme dryness and so will often benefit from the deepest moisturizing treatment you can find.

In summer, you might want to apply it with a cooling mask, whereas, in winter, you might want to use a hot-cloth treatment.

Regardless of what time of year it is, used tea bags can make an excellent treatment for puffy eyes, but if you can’t face this, make some tea (obviously let it cool), soak a face cloth in it and use that.

It’s the same but may feel better on your face (although you do have to wash the face cloth afterward).

Be generous with using sun protection (even if you’re also planning to wear sunglasses) and remember that the sun can still damage your skin even when it’s cold. It’s the UV rays that do the damage rather than the heat.

8. Think about what colors you’re wearing, especially around your face and neck

eye and dress color

eye and dress color

You generally want to wear clothes (and accessories) that complement your body’s natural tones and this includes the color of your eyes.

9. Choose the right hairstyle for your face

How to make your eyes look bigger without makeup - hairstyle

How to make your eyes look bigger without makeup – hairstyle

What suits your face shape is far more important than what’s “on-trend”, especially when it comes to highlighting your eyes.

You want to be particularly careful with bangs as they can easily overpower some face shapes and create the impression that you have tiny eyes that can only peep out from under a mass of hair.

Get advice from a professional stylist about incorporating seasonal trends into a style that works for you.

10. Use cold water/eye drops

cold water

cold water

If you just need a quick way to cover up a lack of sleep or the results of bad habits (translation to hide a hangover) then splashing your eye area with plain cold water could be enough.

Another option would be a cold eye mask (and ideally a couple of slices of cucumber). If you’re suffering from allergies (or have a more severe hangover), then eye drops could be all you need.

The brightness of your eyes also affects how big they look.

There are several methods you can follow to make your eyes brighter such as quality sleep, omega 3 intake, limiting the time spent in front of your computer and following the right breathing exercise and techniques.

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