Best Makeup for Old Skin

best makeup for old skinbest makeup for old skin

What is the Best Makeup for Old Skin?

The make-up methods that mask the signs of aging are not difficult as some belief, but are just simple steps by which to get a younger look, and here are the make-up methods that mask the signs of aging:

Abandoning the foundation cream:

The application cream or the so-called Foundation helps to increase the visibility of the signs of aging and makes it more visible on the skin especially if it were matte, so it must be replaced with a primer or moisturizing cream; This is to add moisture and freshness to the skin.

Avoid flashy eye makeup:

As a woman ages, the eyes become more swollen than before, so it’s best to just apply kohl to the upper and lower lashes line; This enhances the shape of the eyes.

Natural eyebrows:

Also, age reduces the hair of the eyebrows and also causes their color to change to white due to graying, so an eyebrow pen with appropriate skin colors must be adopted to fill the spaces between the eyebrows.

Stay away from lipstick:

The bright colors of lipstick help to flab the lips, in addition to highlighting the delicate lines around it, so it is preferable to replace the lipstick with a moisturizer or balm that is close to the color of the lips.

Teeth whitening:

The white teeth in addition to increasing the attractiveness of women, but may also give her a smaller appearance than before, so it is imperative to obtain teeth whiteness.

Good sleep:

To get rid of fatigue and exhaustion, be sure to ensure adequate sleep at a rate of not less than 8 hours per day.

Eliminating dark circles:

Care should be taken to apply eye creams rich in retinol, hydroquinone, and vitamin C; This is to reduce black circles, and it is possible to have a small amount of concealer with a color close to that of the skin.

Choose your products wisely. Expensive preparations are not necessarily better; It depends on your skin type, the tools you use and your experience in using them. Make sure to check the reviews of lotions from people with skin similar to your skin, to give you an idea of how the product will work with you.

Remember that our skin is different, so you should do some experimenting to find your best option.

Don’t underestimate the tools. Good quality tools can be the difference between making lotions look great or bad. Again, all you will need is the many experiences to find your best option.

Now, let’s go through some of the top 4, highly recommended makeup brands for old skin, makeup products on the market.


This makeup brand can make you feel 20 years younger. It will give you a youthful look and will fight the appearance of wrinkles and impurities found in old skin. Hydrating and smoothening for all skin types.

ProductDescriptionShadesSuitable Skin TypeFinishCoverageBuy Now
Fit Me Dewy+Smooth FoundationDewy foundation with vitamin E24Normal to DryNatural, DewyMedium Buy Now
Fit Me ConcealerUndereye & dark spot concealer18All Skin TypesNaturalMedium Buy Now
Fit Me Loose PowderNatural finish, loose powder8All Skin TypesNaturalLight Buy Now
Fit Me BlushBlush with a hint of color10All Skin TypesNaturalLight Buy Now
  1. Maybelline Fit Me Makeup

ProductStep in the RoutineChoose your finishNumber of ShadesFormat/Type of ProductBuy on Amazon
Simply Ageless Primer1-PrepHydrates SkinN/APrimer Buy Now
Simply Ageless Instant Fix Concealer2-ConcealSmooths Fine Lines6Concealer Buy Now
Simply Ageless + Olay Liquid Foundation3-FinishFirmer Appearance12Foundation Buy Now
Simply Ageless Instant Wrinkle Defying Foundation3-FinishYouthful Looking Glow11Foundation Buy Now

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