What is Eyebrow Tattoo?

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo? What Is Eyebrow Tattoo?

What is Eyebrow Tattoo? – Overview

Most men and women are keen about how their eyebrows look, albeit a bigger concern for women. Most women struggle with drawing a perfect arch every time they do their makeup, which can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

As a result, some of them have started turning to tattooing their eyebrows. As the name suggests, an eyebrow tattoo is a drawing on the eyebrow using tattoo ink.

A couple of years ago, eyebrow tattoos often looked unrealistic, but with tech advancements and tattoo artists honing their skills, they look very realistic nowadays. The shape, texture and richness are comparable to actual eyebrows.

There are two main types of eyebrow tattoos; cosmetic and permanent. It can be confusing for people to know the best option for them. For that reason, this review will discuss the various types of eye tattoos, the cost and the procedure. Let’s go!

Types of Eyebrow Tattoos

Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo?

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo – Permanent Eyebrow Tattoo

A permanent eyebrow tattoo is just like a typical body tattoo; it involves a tattooing machine filled with tattoo ink. The ink penetrates the skin underneath your existing eyebrows and remains forever, hence the name.

But permanent eye tattoos can change color due to various factors like cosmetics and exposure to weather elements like the sun. As a result, most people who want eyebrow tattoos are now leaning toward semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos because they can be redone.

Semi-Permanent (Cosmetic) Eyebrow Tattoo

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo?

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo -Semi-Permanent (Cosmetic) Eyebrow Tattoo

Semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos are alternatives to permanent eyebrow tattoos. They can be drawn by hand using a tool or a special machine.

Unlike permanent tattoos, where the pigment binds to the body, the dyes used in cosmetic eyebrow tattoos can be broken down by the body. Cosmetic eyebrow tattoos last up to two years, depending on the type. Which are the various types of cosmetic eyebrow tattoos?

Combo Brows

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo?

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo – Combo Brows

Combo eyebrow tattoos combine the techniques used in Nano and powder eyebrow tattoos. This means hair strokes are drawn and shaded to achieve richness and texture.


What Is Eyebrow Tattoo?

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo – Microblading

This is perhaps the most common cosmetic eyebrow tattoo. Why? Because it has a realistic look and lasts up to two years. Thanks to advancements in technology, Microblading can now achieve hyper-realistic eyebrow shapes.


What Is Eyebrow Tattoo?

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo – Micro-shading

Micro-shading is an eyebrow tattoo option typically done after Microblading at a client’s request. When micro-bladed eyebrows are micro-shaded, they appear as if they’ve had full-on makeup, which is what a lot of women are after.

Nano Brows

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo?

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo -Nano Brows

Nano brows have a similar appearance to micro-bladed eyebrows because the process involves a machine. However, they’re more realistic because the hair strokes are drawn.

Powder Brows

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo?

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo – Powder Brows

Powder brows, also known as ombr√© brows, are drawn using the same machine as Nano brows. However, they’re more realistic and have a powdery effect which looks like eyebrow makeup. Powder brows are a great option for people with thick and oily skin.

How Much Does Eyebrow Tattooing Cost?

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo?

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo – How Much Does Eyebrow Tattooing Cost?

Eyebrow tattoos don’t come cheap, but they help reduce the stress and time taken to draw perfect curves in the morning. But typically, they cost between $500 and $2,500.

As illustrated above, there are various types of eyebrow tattoos, so the price depends on your chosen technique. In addition, note that you’ll need to go for redrawing sessions when the brows fade; after about a year or two.

How Do You Prepare for an Eyebrow Tattoo Appointment?

Before The Appointment

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo?

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo?

An eyebrow tattoo appointment is cosmetic in nature, so your body needs to be well-hydrated. Also, ensure you don’t consume a lot of caffeine or alcohol.

Experts also recommend that you avoid direct exposure to the sun before the procedure is done so that the skin around your eyebrows doesn’t peel as it heals.

It’s vital that you book a consultation with your tattoo professional. Why? To help calm your fears by asking the artist any questions you might have regarding the procedure. It’s also important to have a clear mind prior to the procedure and asking questions helps.

During The Appointment

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo?

What Is Eyebrow Tattoo?

During the tattoo appointment, bring a reference photo so that you can get your desired look. Your tattoo professional will look at the reference photo, design your eyebrow tattoo and draw it using a shade that suits your skin tone.

You should also prepare yourself for the procedure’s feel. Why? Because eyebrow tattoos can be a bit uncomfortable, although they’re rarely painful. Most tattoo professionals use topical anesthetics to calm their patients and eliminate any pain.

The entire session lasts between two and three hours. Keep in mind that you won’t see the desired results immediately after; your skin needs to heal first.

After The Appointment

After the appointment, you should avoid applying makeup, direct sun exposure and scratching the tattooed area. Makeup and direct exposure to the sun can cause your eyebrow tattoo to fade. Scratching, on the other hand, can cause wounds in the affected area.

Ideally, your tattoo professional should give you instructions on how to care for your eyebrow tattoos. If they don’t, maybe they forgot; ensure you get clarification from them.

You can clean the affected area by gently patting it with a sterile wipe and a dry paper towel afterward. This will help eliminate any oil and scabbing build-up.

Any Risks Associated with Eyebrow Tattoos?

The main risks of eyebrow tattoos are allergic reactions to pigments, infection and scarring. Your skin will most definitely break during the procedure, increasing the risk of infection.

But if done by an experienced tattoo professional, they will observe hygiene, reducing the risk of infection. To eliminate the risk of allergic reactions from pigments, ask the tattoo professional about the type of ink they’re using.

Organic tattoo ink is likely to cause an allergic reaction, so you should avoid that. Inorganic or synthetic tattoo ink is less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Keep in mind that eyebrow tattoos, or any other type of tattoos for that matter, should be avoided if you’re expectant or breastfeeding. Why? Because any infection can reach the baby, and your skin is more likely to darken when tattooed.

In conclusion, whether you want permanent or temporary eyebrow tattoos, you have options. While the cost of an eyebrow tattoo procedure might seem high, keep in mind that you won’t spend as much on your eyebrows later, so decide on what you want.

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