How to Lift Eyebrows | 5 Life-Changing Tricks

how to lift eyebrows how to lift eyebrows

How to Lift Eyebrows with Makeup? Let’s Learn a Few Life-Changing Tricks!

Many women want their eyebrows to look raised. Because low eyebrows make a face look more tired and can give the face a sad expression.

However, raised eyebrows to add a much more attractive, charming look to the face. So, how do we get the “fox-eye” look, which is one of the rising makeup trends of recent times, which makes your eyebrows look raised and your eyes look more slanted?

The lifted eyebrow look is one of the most popular makeup trends of recent times. In this article, we explain this makeup trend and the tricks that we often see that make your eyes look more slanted and eyebrows look more raised.

How to Lift Eyebrows

  • Correct Eyebrow Pluck

The most important step is to pluck the eyebrows correctly. A professional is needed for this to be done correctly.

If the eyebrows are plucked properly, they will have a more raised appearance. An important point should be mentioned here.

Eyebrows should not be plucked from the upper part. This is wrong and makes brows go down.

  • Hair Collection Technique

how to lift eyebrows

The secret is to collect the hair in the first step. You can make your eyebrows look more raised by taking your hair in pinches at the level of your hairline and collecting them with a small rubber barrette at the back of your head.

Some tapes are sold online that make the eyes more slanted, but this method of hair collection is much easier!

Collect your hair in tufts from both sides and you’ll instantly notice that your eyes look more slanted and your eyebrows look raised.

  • How to Lift Eyebrows With an Eyebrow Massage

Eyebrow Massage

Eyebrow Massage

One of the non-surgical eyebrow lift techniques is massage. It involves pressing against the brow bone with fingertips and lifting upwards.

This message should be applied for five minutes twice a day.

  • Olive Oil

how to lift eyebrows

How to lift eyebrows with olive oil

Combing the eyebrows is also an important technique. You can use a finished mascara brush for this. Dip this brush in olive oil.

Comb your eyebrows with gentle movements from bottom to top. Eyebrows that are both fed with olive oil and brushed become more upturned.

  • How to Lift Eyebrows With Makeup

Comb your brows upwards with sheer brow mascara. This will make your eyebrows appear much higher.

You can apply an eyebrow pencil to the ends of your eyebrows after you get the raised eyebrow appearance by combing the inner part of your eyebrows completely up and the outer parts at a 45-degree angle.

You can apply the eyebrow pencil a little higher than where your eyebrows end.

This is an ideal choice for you to get a natural look by imitating your eyebrow hair with an eyebrow pencil with a thin tip.

After applying the makeup tips that make your eyebrows look raised, you can apply to contour your eyes to make your eye shape match this look and look more slanted.

You will need natural shades for this.

First, to shade the crease area and give the eyes a more slanted form, apply the transition color shadow in the eye shadow palette to the outer part of your eye, tail upwards, and distribute it nicely.

Use another shade darker than the eye shadow you used in the second step. Intensify the eye shadow by applying it more thinly to the crease line.

Apply the matte brown eye shadows in the palette as if you pulled an eyeliner tail on the outer part of your eyelashes with a dashed eye shadows brush.

This movement will make your eyes instantly slanted and your eyebrows raised.

Now you have to apply a thin eyeliner. The only difference here is that you should only apply eyeliner to the inner and outer corners, not the entire eyelid.

You will have completely slanted eyes with an eyeliner tail that you will apply only to the outer part of your eye and for the eyeliner look, you will apply a little more to the inner part of the eye fountain.

The last step is the stage for mascara. In eye makeup, the mascara step is also crucial to shape the eyes and change the expression.

Here, both the mascara you use and how you apply the mascara changes a lot. You should choose a mascara that will lift your eyelashes and make them look taller, longer and voluminous.

When it comes to the outer part of your eyelashes, you should apply it proportionately to the angle of your eyebrows but a little further outward.

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