9 Natural Remedies for Swollen Eyes

natural remedies for swollen eyes - swollen eyes natural remedies for swollen eyes - swollen eyes

Top 9 Natural Remedies for Swollen Eyes

If you feel swelling in your eyes when you wake up in the morning, there may be many reasons for this.

We have compiled the top natural remedies suggestions for eye swelling that may occur in case of stress, fatigue and weakness or excessive sleep. However, the reasons that cause our eyes to swell are more than we think!

Why Do Eyes Swell?

  • Sleepless Nights

You may wake up with swollen eyes in the morning as a result of bad sleep. Especially if you are under stress.

When you are under stress, cortisol is released from the adrenal glands and therefore the salt balance in your body changes. When the salt balance is disturbed, you hold more water and swelling occurs.

  • Overheating The Room

When you turn on the heater too much in cold weather, your eyes get drier. Thus, your eyes become more sensitive than normal.

As the mucous membranes in the eyeball dry up due to temperature, the tissue in the eye will thicken, become irritated and swelling will occur.

  • PMS

The swelling you experience during PMS can also occur in your eyes. During this period, your eyes can also water and feel extra sensitive for a few days.

  • Seasonal Allergy

Eye puffiness is among the most common symptoms of seasonal allergies. If you are allergic, histamines begin to release in your body.

In some cases where histamines reach the skin, reactions may occur, especially around the eyes.

  • Decrease in Water in The Body

Eyes are sensitive to even small changes in diet. Alcohol also causes dryness in the eyes as it reduces the amount of water in your body. The situation is not much different for people who consume a lot of salt.

  • Thyroid

The items listed above are temporary in a way. However, in some cases, swollen eyes can be a harbinger of important health problems.

Some types of hyperthyroidism can cause eye swelling by thickening the fat tissue around the eyes. If you have any concerns about this, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.

  • Crying

Everyone knows that crying can cause eye swelling, but you may not know the scientific facts behind it. The swelling that occurs after crying is due to excessive tear production in the glands.

The tears produced during crying contain less salt and more water. The difference in salt concentration between the textural structure and tears causes eye swelling.

9 Natural Remedies for Swollen Eyes

1. Egg Whites

natural remedies for swollen eyes - eggs

Natural remedies for swollen eyes – Egg whites

Separate the egg yolk and egg white. Then, mix the white part thoroughly and apply it to your under eyes with a brush.

You will see that the swelling will decrease 5-10 minutes after the tension you will feel in your eyes.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Make it a habit to drink water. Staying well-hydrated can help to reduce and alleviate eye swelling.

3. Choosing a Pillow

One of the biggest causes of swelling in the eyes is the posture of your pillow. Sleeping on a high pillow can be a solution for your swollen eyes.

4. Work Out

Swelling in the eyes can occur as a result of toxins accumulating in our bodies. Another way to get rid of this situation is to exercise regularly.

You can get rid of the accumulated edema in your body through exercise.

5. Fastest Solution: Ice

Ice cubes

Ice cubes

You can also use ice on your eyes, which is known to be good for other body swelling. Putting ice in the eye, which is a fast and practical method, accelerates blood circulation and passes swelling as soon as possible.

6. Potato Slices

Cut a refrigerated potato in half and sweep it over the swelling with circular motions for 15 minutes.

7. Do Not Smoke or Drink

No one does not know the harms of smoking. Smoking may be responsible for your swollen eyes when you wake up in the morning.

For those who want to get rid of this issue, do not use products with detrimental health effects, such as cigarettes and alcohol.

8. Tea Bags

tea bags

Natural remedies for swollen eyes – Teabags

After brewing the black and green tea bags, leave them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes. Then you will notice that your swelling goes down along with a feeling of relief in your eyes.

9. Natural Remedies for Swollen Eyes: Eye Exercise

Deep breathing, massage, and exercise also help. Take 10 deep breaths, 10 times pull your eyes gently from below and above like a puppet.

You will find that it is more effective than the best eye cream in 10 minutes.

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