How to Pluck Eyebrows for The First Time?

how to pluck eyebrows for the first timehow to pluck eyebrows for the first time

Learn How to Pluck Eyebrows for The First Time

Plucking up eyebrows at home with a string thread or tweezers is one of the skills every woman wants to have. Thankfully, it is possible to learn how to pluck your eyebrow at home.

Take one regular sewing thread (it will be more practical if it does not break easily) and go to the mirror. After carefully reading the following eyebrow plucking steps, start experimenting. In a few months, you will be a master!

How to Pluck Eyebrows for The First Time

Step 1: Prepare Your String

Instead of having someone else pluck your eyebrows, you will now be able to shape your eyebrows at home. But for this, first, take a thin but sturdy string.

Cut the string to an average of 4 spans, or 80 cm. To use the string just like a pair of scissors, fold it in half first.

Then pull both ends sideways to give it the shape of an 8. So the middle of the string will look like scissors.

Step 2: Wrap The String Around Your Finger

How to pluck eyebrows for the first time

How to pluck eyebrows for the first time – Wrap the string

For your ‘How to pluck eyebrows for the first time?’ question, you should read this part carefully.

Wrap the two ends of the string you have shaped your thumb and index finger. When you open and close your fingers, you will see the middle of the string spinning.

This part is very important! Learn how to control the string by wiggling your fingers a few times before you start to pluck your eyebrows.

Step 3: Pluck Your Eyebrows

You should start to thread the dense areas of your eyebrows first.

Usually, we start over the brow. Bring the intersection of the 8-shaped string over your hair to pluck eyebrows with the thread.

Grab your eyebrows by opening and closing with your fingers. After plucking the scattered areas of your eyebrow with rope, you can also pluck the detail parts.

String or Tweezers?

We recommend both tweezers and string to pluck eyebrows at home. While plucking your eyebrows with thread, you can gather your scattered eyebrows in the upper and lower parts.

Plucking with thread is faster and painless. You can pluck more than one hair with each move.

You can also clean up parts of the eyebrows with tweezers. For a natural look under the eyebrows, you can remove a few hairs with tweezers and leave the rest.

Tweezers come into play in situations that require a professional touch, such as straight eyebrows and curved eyebrows.

But when using tweezers, you should always pull it in the opposite direction so that your hair does not break.

Does Plucking Eyebrow With Thread Make The Eyebrows Thicker?

Does plucking eyebrows make hair thicker? Will plucking the eyebrows with a thread make them hard? No! There is no harm to your eyebrow!

After this procedure, your eyebrows do not get thick or hard.

This method causes the eyebrows to grow faster compared to the waxing method. Since wax removes the hair from the root, it takes time for the new hair to grow back.

Plucking eyebrows with thread ensures that the eyebrow is only taken over the skin. For this reason, the eyebrow’s hairs will grow faster.

How to Lift Eyebrows With Thread?

After completing the application of eyebrow with thread, you should apply an illuminator under your eyebrows (especially right under the curve).

Do this application with a brush. You can also gently rub the remainder on the eyebrows. So your eyebrows will stand out and you will look brighter.

How to Shape Eyebrows?

How to shape eyebrows

How to shape eyebrows

After plucking eyebrows at home, you should also apply eyebrow makeup. You learned about how to pluck eyebrows for the first time. It’s time to shape your eyebrow.

You should use the best eyebrow pencil to fill in the gaps between your eyebrows. First, comb your eyebrows upwards with the help of the comb behind the eyebrow pencil and identify the gaps.

Then, with the help of the thin tip of the eyebrow pencil, fill your eyebrows from bottom to end.

While filling your eyebrows, you should apply eyebrow pencil only where there is space. So your eyebrows will look flawless. Finally, comb your eyebrows up again.

That’s it. Now you know all the details and tips on this topic.

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