How to Stop Anxiety Fast? | 8 Quick Solutions

how to stop anxiety fast how to stop anxiety fast

How to Stop Anxiety Fast? 8 Ways to Get Out of an Anxious Mindset

People who have had an anxiety attack know very well how scary and difficult the attack is. Sudden numbness in the body, cold sweats, tremors, acceleration of heartbeats, the feeling of “something bad can happen at any moment,” constriction, depression and worst of all, the helplessness of not being able to escape this situation.

It is essential to take anxiety seriously. So what can you do during an anxiety attack? We have compiled 10 expert techniques for you to take control of your anxiety.

How to Stop Anxiety Fast

1. Stand up and keep your body straight

When we are anxious or afraid, we try to protect the upper part of our body, where our heart and lungs are located, by leaning forward.

As an instant solution to this natural reaction, throw your shoulders back and make your body stand up straight.

So you can help your body calm down by sending the message that everything is normal.

2. Do exercise

The best cure for anxiety is exercise. Do not think that you have to go to a gym. Walk for half an hour outdoors, try exercises you can do at home, etc.

Sports and different environments where you can socialize, such as tennis and football will change your mood.

The most important thing is to find an activity you like and continue it regularly. Even if you don’t want to do them, force yourself. Because you will instantly realize how fast this is a solution.

3. Recheck the accuracy of your thoughts

People with anxiety issues often find themselves in great anxiety as they focus on the worst possible possibility. Reassess how realistic these thoughts are.

For example, if a presentation you have to make at work causes you anxiety, imagine that you will not fail but that you are prepared for this presentation and will succeed even if things go wrong.

Reassessing your fears helps you train your brain against worrying thoughts.

4. Improve your intestinal flora

How to stop anxiety fast

How to stop anxiety fast by improving intestinal flora

While there isn’t a solution to instantly relieve this anxiety, we couldn’t mention it because it’s so important.

Recent studies show that the billions of bacteria that comprise the intestinal flora are directly linked to disorders such as depression, anxiety, and autism.

For the intestinal flora to be healthy, increasing the number of good bacteria is necessary. Here’s what you can do to achieve this:

  • Avoid the things that cause discomfort and inflammation in the intestines: Gluten, sugar, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, industrial vegetable oils, antibiotics, birth control pills and antacid-style stomach medications.
  • Provide the necessary conditions for your intestines to heal: Sufficient sleep, nature walks to help you cope with stress, breathing exercises, yoga, and meditation.
  • Increase what’s good for the gut: fermented yogurt, kefir, pickles, and apple cider vinegar—foods such as potatoes, yams, marrow juice and probiotic food supplement.

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5. Rename what you have experienced

Panic attacks can make you feel as if you have a heart attack. At such moments, remind yourself that what you are experiencing is a panic attack, it is a harmless and temporary situation, and there is nothing you need to do.

Repeat that the physical symptoms you experience are not heralds of impending death but of the fight or flight mechanism that keeps you alive.

6. Watch a funny video

Studies show that laughter is effective in reducing anxiety and has many positive effects on our psychological and physical health.

When you feel an anxiety attack starting, diverting your attention away from anxious thoughts with a funny video will help you both relax and smile.

7. Call your relatives for a second opinion

Call a close friend or family member and share any anxious thoughts. Speaking out your thoughts to someone else will help you look at those thoughts from a new perspective.

8. Use the 3-3-3 rule

Look around and say the names of three things you see. Then say the three sounds you hear. Finally, move the three parts of your body, wrists, fingers and arm.

Applying this rule as soon as you feel the onset of an anxiety attack will help you to calm down and get rid of the anxious thoughts spinning in your mind at the speed of light.

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