Which Type Of Eyeliner Is The Best For Your Eyes?

which type of eyeliner - eyeswhich type of eyeliner - eyes

Let’s Find Out Which Type Of Eyeliner Is Best For Your Eyes!

The eyes make a woman’s face stand out. They are the most prominent feature on the face, and are especially noticeable now, during this time when only our eyes are seen.

Even when this is not the case, the eyes are still one of the most important features. But a good knowledge of makeup techniques is required to make your eyes look their best.

Here is a list of the best makeup for different eye shapes.

  • Almond Shaped Eyes

which type of eyeliner - almond

Which Type Of Eyeliner For Almond Shaped Eyes?

The most important criterion of a beautiful face is to have well-shaped eyes. This is one of the basic elements of attractiveness that has not changed for thousands of years.

Eye makeup is the desire to have the ideal look and bigger eyes.

When you think of stars from Audrey Hepburn to Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie, you will see that their most distinctive feature is attractive eyes.

If you wish, we can add Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Rihanna and Jessica Alba to the list. What they all have in common is that they have almond eyes.

If the inner corners of your eyes are aligned with the outer corners and the distance between these inner corners is the width of an eye, you have almond-like eyes, congratulations!

If you want to draw attention to this beautiful eye shape, you should first start the process in a thin line from the inner corners.

Then you should continue this process along your eyelid to the outer corners.

The last thing you need to pay attention to make more fascinating looks and make your eyes wider is not to overflow the line you draw from the outer corners.

  • Downturned Eyes

The first example we should give when it comes to downturned eyes is Eva Green. This type of eye means deep looks, charisma, charm and a whole lot more.

The excess skin on your eyelids may make your eyes look smaller than they are. In such cases, the most important thing you need to do for more mysterious and impressive looks is to give your eyelashes as much volume as possible.

When you draw wide arrows that cover all the upper lash lines, your eyes, which are the mirror of your soul, will come out stunningly. Choosing the darkest color while applying the process will help you.

  • Round Shaped Eyes

which type of eyeliner - round

Which Type Of Eyeliner: Round Shaped Eyes

Round-shaped eyes are already pretty impressive. So if you have round-shaped eyes, all you need is to make them look longer than they are.

It will be enough for you to start the eyeliner application on your eyelid and draw an arrow extending 1 cm beyond the outer corners.

In addition, it is necessary to soften the roundness of the eyes as much as possible while applying makeup. For this, you should make the shadows to the outer part of the eye and bring your eye shape closer to the almond eye shape.

  • Upturned Eyes



If you have an upturned eye, you are very lucky! An eyeliner drawn from thin to thick will look great on this eye type. You can bring out the beauty of your eyes by lightly applying brown eyeshadow to the outer corners of your eyes.

If you want your upturned eyes to appear more rounded, it is recommended to apply a little headlight around the eyes and choose bright colors, as well as shade in the middle of the eyelid. This process will give the eye a rounded appearance.

  • Small Eyes

small eyes

small eyes

Small eyes are considered to be extremely sexy, but a wrong application can make them look even narrower.

That’s why you need to be very careful while doing your makeup. To keep your eyes from looking narrow and make them look brighter and larger, draw an arrow a little away from the lash line and shade them slightly.

Then frame the thin strip between your eyes and eyelashes with a white pencil. Finally, highlight your eyelid using a black pencil and darken the center of the arrow you draw. You are perfect!

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