5 Magical Ways to Straighten Hair at Home

Ways to straighten hair at home - hairWays to straighten hair at home - hair

Let’s Learn Top 5 Magical Ways To Straighten Hair At Home.

You want to straighten your wavy, curly or unruly hair, but you want to do it without damaging the hair. Hair straighteners and dryers both damage your hair and it is complete torture to put up with these procedures, as they take too much time.

Now you can see practical tips you can apply to straighten hair naturally and without damaging it. We can not promise that your hair will straighten immediately, but if you are patient, the following methods will give you the right result. That is, they will provide healthy and straight hair.

5 Ways To Straighten Hair At Home

1. Milk

Yes, it is possible to straighten your hair with just milk. While the milk supports your hair, it will also provide a smooth and straight volume.

The proteins in it will strengthen the bottom of your hair and will, control hair loss and straighten it out. Fill some milk in a spray bottle. Make sure to wet all parts of your hair with milk. After waiting half an hour, wash it off with cold water.

You can pour some essential oil on your comb while your hair is still wet.

This helps eliminate the smell of milk. However, if you apply too much perfume or essential oil, your hair may become dry. You can do this process twice a week to your hair.

2. Lemon and Cornstarch

Add 5-6 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice, two teaspoons of olive oil and 3 teaspoons of cornstarch to a cup of coconut milk.

Heat a little without boiling and mix it well. Apply it to your hair after it gets lukewarm. Let it sit for half an hour and wash it off. If you apply this mask twice a week and for two months regularly, your hair will look straight and perfect.

3. Honey and Milk

Ways to straighten hair at home -honey

Ways to straighten hair at home. Strong immune system and strong hair together

Honey milk does not only support our immune system. Honey and milk, which are also beneficial for hair, are ideal ways to straighten hair at home.

Pour 2 tablespoons of honey into a cup of milk.

Please apply to your hair after they mix well.

Leave the mask in your hair for 2 hours and wash it off with plenty of water.

4. Olive Oil and Egg

Every good nutrient is also very nutritious for your hair. We combine the two to get the best hair-straightening masks.

Put the olive oil in a bowl. Mix it with 2 or 3 eggs.

After mixing very well, massage your hair roots. You can wash it after an hour. Regular use lets you see that it straightens your hair and gives it softness.

5. Bobby Pin Technique

Ways to straighten hair at home - hair-clip

Ways to straighten hair at home: Bobby Pin Technique.

You only need a few bobby pins and a comb to straighten hair with a barrette, which requires no effort and can achieve the result you want.

Before straightening your hair, wash it as usual and let it settle. Squeeze your hair like a cloth to drain the excess water.

If you use a towel, it may cause your hair to become curly and static. Comb it after waiting for 5 minutes and letting the water out of your hair.

Take a small amount of one of the masks mentioned above or any cream and distribute it evenly throughout your hair. But after applying cream, if you have hairspray or hair care oil, use it too.

After this process, separate your hair into four or six parts, depending on the density. After separating one part, fasten the others separately with bobby pins. Starting with the hair you have separated, you should comb the hair again so that the oil and creams penetrate well.

You should apply the same process to each part of your hair. After soothing your hair with your hand, tightly wear the bobby pin on the hair. If the hair starts to dry, you should soothe it again with the help of cream. Once you have the bobby pins on all of your hair correctly, you will be done.

If you sleep with your completed hair for a night without moving the bobby pins, you will complete the hair straightening process and you will get natural straight hair.

The next morning, gently remove the bobby pins and after removing them, apply your care oil and comb it again.

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