How to Stop Sugar Cravings Instantly?

How to stop sugar cravings instantly How to stop sugar cravings instantly

How to Stop Sugar Cravings Instantly

Sometimes we get into a dessert crisis after seeing an ice cream commercial. Sometimes that cream chocolate photo suddenly pops up on our timeline on Instagram.

Sometimes we crave chocolate completely independent of any excuses. Is it possible to solve one of these crises without taking a big spoon and going into the jar of chocolate? So, how can you stop sugar cravings instantly?

We don’t need foods and drinks containing sugar. If we consume simple carbohydrate sugars such as tea sugar, corn syrup, and glucose syrup to exceed 1-2 tablespoons a day, we are getting enough sugar.

The sensation of sweet eating may be the signal for the body to thirst, so when the moment comes, we recommend you drink water first.

For this reason, firstly, we will give you the tricks for getting rid of a sugar craving quickly, and then we will give you a recipe for some innocent desserts that you can get rid of this sugar craving.

Note: No pictures have been used in this gallery that could push you into a sugar craving.

How to Stop Sugar Cravings Instantly

1. Meet your new best friend, Cinnamon!

How to stop sugar cravings instantly  with cinnamon

Cinnamon is recommended by doctors, especially for those with diabetic diseases. If you do not have an allergy, you should try cinnamon.

With its effect of lowering blood sugar, it is a healthier alternative to sugar.

The cinnamon bark that you soak in hot water during the day and drink is the guarantee of a get rid of sweet cravings that can occur at night.

It also contributes to good cholesterol. By pouring cinnamon and cocoa over an apple or banana, you will get rid of a possible craving.

2. But the first thing to do is drink water

The name of this method; is 2 glasses of water and 15 min. rule. Especially when you crave something with chocolate, this should work.

Drink 2 glasses of water and wait for 15 minutes. You have to be patient. Then you won’t be craving anything sweet, not even a snack.

3. Would you believe it if we said that yogurt would provide you with sweetness?

You can freeze it if you wish, and you can choose the oil-free if you wish, but it is up to you to make sweet things out of yogurt.

You can add cinnamon, fruit pieces, oats, and molasses and eat it as a parfait. You can increase the consistency by adding labneh cheese.

4. Your choice of “bitter” in chocolate will never upset you.

Trying bitter instead of milk chocolate would be an excellent choice. If you want, you can also decorate your fruits by melting them.

It contains little sugar and rejuvenates the skin by preventing cardiovascular diseases. This is one of the most sensible sugar craving killers.

It’s Time to Make Your Dessert

It is up to us to make innocent desserts by staying away from desserts that are bad for us.

When you get into this habit, you can take your harmless desserts to the next level and turn your desserts into a vitamin store with organic seeds and grains (such as chia seeds and wheat seeds).

  • Waffles


1. 2 egg whites

2. Banana

3. Vanilla

4. Cocoa

When you crush bananas and mix them with 2 egg whites, add some vanilla and make a delicious waffle. If you want, you can add cocoa to make it chocolate waffles.

  • A Healthy Dessert Recipe


1. Half a persimmon and half a banana

2. 1 teaspoon of oatmeal

3. 1 teaspoon of honey

4. 1 teaspoon of cocoa

Blend all ingredients and pour into a bowl. Optionally, you can decorate it with 1-2 walnuts. If you wish, you can choose half an avocado instead of persimmon.

Do you often have a sugar craving?

This situation is a little more important than the others.

If you experience this feeling almost every evening, not about your period or your craving for something sweet, there may be something you need to get checked out.

1. First, you can make an appointment for polycystic ovary syndrome control; Because in this disease, insulin resistance is really low.

2. Hypoglycemia may be lowering your blood values, so it is useful to have it checked.

3. Some vitamin and mineral deficiencies may also make you feel this feeling.

4. You can have intestinal parasites and these parasites steal most of the energy produced from food, which can increase your appetite and sweet cravings.

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