How to Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs

How to lower cholesterol without drugsHow to lower cholesterol without drugs

How to Lower Cholesterol without Drugs – Overview

How to lower cholesterol without drugs? – Healthy lifestyle changes are the secret technique to lower cholesterol without any medications.

If you are diagnosed with high cholesterol, then a balanced diet and regular exercise are going to work for you.

High cholesterol level is a serious health condition that increases your risk of heart attack and various other health issues.

Healthcare professionals might suggest taking medications to improve your body’s cholesterol, and if that is the case, you should always take the advice of a trusted healthcare provider.

Still, there is no harm in following a healthy lifestyle in combination. Chances are, one might not have to consume any medications once the cholesterol reaches a safer level.

How to Lower Cholesterol without Drugs? – The 7 Secret Tips

Two cholesterol types can be found in the body – LDL or Low-Density Lipoprotein and HDL or High-Density Lipoprotein. LDL is considered to be the ‘bad’ cholesterol that causes serious health conditions when it builds up in the arteries.

HDL is considered the ‘good’ cholesterol as it protects you against several health issues caused by the cholesterol in your blood.

For lowering cholesterol without drugs or medications, a heart-healthy diet (rich in soluble fiber), regular exercise, and some basic guidelines can help.

Wondering what the secret tips are? Alright! Let’s discuss them all right here!

How to lower cholesterol without drugs - Balanced Diet

Follow Heart-healthy Balanced diet

Follow a Heart-healthy Balanced Diet

Following a heart-healthy meal plan is the most powerful weapon to fight against increasing cholesterol in the body.

Eating foods that are low in fat and high in fiber, and reducing your sodium intake at the same time, will help you reduce LDL cholesterol without medications.

Dietary changes, when combined with regular physical activity, are highly beneficial for the body.

It’s the most effective technique to reduce LDL & overall cholesterol and diminish the risks of heart attack, stroke, or other coronary heart diseases.

Consume Soluble Fiber-rich Foods

Soluble fiber protects your body from cholesterol build-up in the arteries. Adding soluble fiber-rich foods to your meal plan would be great for reducing LDL and increasing HDL.

The high-soluble fiber foods are peas, legumes, apples, oranges, pears, berries, broccoli, oatmeal, and more.

Besides this, you can also include special drinks in your diet to boost your energy level and feel more full & fresh.

How to lower cholesterol without drugs - Eliminate Trans & Saturated Fats

How to lower cholesterol without drugs – Consume Fiber-rich Foods

Eliminate Trans and Saturated Fats

While preparing your healthy & balanced diet plan, ensure to eliminate Trans and Saturated fats from the list.

These fats mainly come from animal-based food such as meat, poultry, and dairy products, while most Trans fats come from semi-hydrogenated oils used in a range of processed foods.

Reduction in the intake of trans and saturated fats would certainly decrease LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol.

Check your Sodium & Calorie Intake

The majority of people consume too much salt in their diet unknowingly. Ingesting a high amount of sodium (salt) can be risky as it leads to heart disease and stroke issues.

Avoid consuming too much sodium and follow a heart-healthy diet instead.

Foods rich in calories, such as cookies, soda, and ice-creams, should be avoided since they are loaded with too much fructose.

Take note that sugar in your foods & drinks should be involved in significantly fewer amounts.

Spend Time in Physical Activity

Exercising is good for your health and it’s the best you can do to keep your body, mind, and well-being in sound shape. With a healthy diet plan and dietary eating, you have to spend enough time in physical activities.

Working out for almost 30-40 minutes every day can help maintain blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

If you are dealing with high cholesterol, then regular exercise would work. It will be the ultimate choice to bring your cholesterol to a safe level.

Limit or Don’t Consume Alcohol

Alcohol is not good for health, and drinking too much alcohol can result in increased cholesterol. One should avoid alcohol intake to normalize cholesterol and blood pressure.

However, limiting the consumption of alcohol is also recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You can drink alcohol in moderation, like one or two drinks a day (1 for women and 2 for men).

Do Not Smoke

Just like alcohol, smoking is bad for health and you may end up with increased BP and cholesterol.

If you smoke regularly, chances are you may have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and an increased risk of heart disease.

Smoking is bad and you should quit this habit to help your blood pressure and cholesterol return to normal safe-level.

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