Staying Healthy While Working From Home

Staying Healthy While Working From Home Staying Healthy While Working From Home

Staying Healthy While Working From Home – Overview

Staying healthy while working from home – The COVID-19 pandemic has taken all over the world, and we can see it spreading to more areas day by day.

Last year we saw the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic and this year it has not stopped. The second wave has given much stress to the people.

Because of this situation, working from home has become the new normal among the global population. However, it is not as easy to say, because working from home affects physical as well as mental health.

During this situation, how would you make sure to stay healthy while at home? Don’t worry, as you are not only the remote worker alone in this situation.

Earlier you must have been offered a comfortable and organized work environment. Meanwhile, while at home you can ensure to be healthy while doing productive work.

As it is all about health, you need to take care of yourself while being active at work. Further, some tips can help in boosting your physical and mental health.

Staying Healthy While Working From Home - Tips to Optimize Health

Staying Healthy While Working From Home – How to stay healthy

Staying Healthy While Working from Home – Tips to Optimize your Health

The pandemic has led the staff and workers to telework – the practice of working from home, making use of the internet and phone at home.

Either some of you are fortunate enough to use the designated environment, however, others have to manage with their family members. Makeshift arrangements are seen as people making their bedroom space an office space.

Initially, you will be happy that working from home is a charm.  You need not rush to your office for work and get out in time to reach back home. However, working from home with telework can make you lead a sedentary life.

Everything accounts for your mental as well as physical health. But you need to remain active while at work from home.

Do take into consideration some factors and tips to get you moving ahead. They will also help you to avoid workplace disorders.

1. Mind Your Seating and Posture

Well, you are working from home, but don’t take it easy. It is not like you can just relax on your bed while working on the laptop. Once or twice is okay but if you continue this you are surely going to end up ruining your posture.

For this purpose, your seating and posture should be upright. The best recommendation is to use an office chair which is ideal for seating.

Further, you can use cushions to provide extra support for your back. Do make sure you don’t get into the habit of working on a sofa or a soft chair.

2. Don’t Get Stressed Out

Stress is one thing that you cannot avoid fully. However, working at home can make you feel stressed out. It is mainly because you work for long hours, spend time on your computer, have meetings using a phone and much more.

Due to the pandemic, you have to stay home which automatically keeps you away from socializing. This results in a feeling of isolation that adds to stress and anxiety.

You can easily manage your stress if you start following some of the tips while working at home.

Do make a routine of your work, exercise to keep yourself fit, and eat a healthy diet. Further, you also need to get enough sleep and stay connected with others using your phone or chats.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended some of the guidelines.

These guidelines focus on people who work at home and how they can keep themselves healthy. For more information, you can get in touch with CDC.

3. Control Your Screen Time

When it comes to working from home, your eyes tend to strain because of screen time. You spend almost 10-12 hours using your computer or laptop, and you need to take a break.

These breaks are not only helpful to relax your eyes but also to relax your overall body and mind.

To reduce eye strain, it is recommended to keep the brightness at minimal levels. Secondly, consider using the focusing rule. The focusing rule is all about gazing at an object that is 20 feet away from your seating every 20 minutes for 20 seconds.

Staying Healthy While Working From Home - How you should do it?

Staying Healthy While Working From Home – The Guide

4. Give Yourself a Touch of Exercise

Working at the office as comfortably as you have all the setup already done. While doing the same at home will give you more stress.

The responsibilities which you have towards office work get mixed up with your family responsibilities.

Because of this, you can get intermingled between the tasks you do. Your mind and body won’t be free and stressed out at the end of the day.

To avoid this, you should start your day with a touch of exercise. We are not saying that you should do a rigorous workout, but a calm exercise would suffice.

Further, a meditation session of around 15 to 20 minutes is advisable which frees your mind, and relaxes it.

Whereas, for maintaining your physical activeness, try doing yoga or a morning walk is also beneficial. Being sedentary for long hours is not good for your health.

Meanwhile, sitting at a desk and not taking breaks can put you at risk of diseases such as obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and much more.

It is best recommended to take a break, get up and do a stretch every hour. You will surely feel refreshed mentally as well as physically.

Another best solution is to set a reminder or alarm and when it goes off get up and take a walk. Relax and grab a snack that you like the most.

These days smartwatches from Apple, Samsung, and others help in detecting your idle time. They can alert you from time to time and you must obey the same for your good.

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5. A Makeshift Arrangement

Some people do have plenty of space or they have already set up their office environment at home. However, people who have little space end up in a mess by making makeshift arrangements.

Don’t worry as you can make your home a comfortable place for office work. Whether you are using your bedroom for work or your dining room, the best is to get an office chair.

Secondly, look for a desk that can make you sit for long hours without exerting much.

We don’t recommend that you should invest in costly furniture but a chair and table can also do wonders. It will be for your good as your back and muscles stay relaxed while you work.

6. Mind Social Distancing

You have been allowed to work from home because your company wants you to be safe.

As per WHO’s (World Health Organization) recommendation one needs to wear a mask, practice social distancing, and keep hands clean by washing them properly.

Now, if you are expecting to relax by going outdoors and getting social with family, friends you are at risk.

Well, you should not come near others. Look for alternatives instead of planning a dinner with your friend or a walk with him or her.

The best is to play online games but not much as you know you don’t want an excess of screen time. This way you will stay relaxed while working at home and remain productive too.

7. You Don’t Need a Gym at Home

Working from home has its ifs and buts, affecting a person mentally and physically. So, to keep yourself fit you should do light exercise and keep yourself fit. Right? But, you don’t need to set up a gym at home with that equipment.

Go the digital way as there are several YouTube channels you can make use of. These channels offer self-learning by keeping in sync with exercising at home.

Meanwhile, smartphone apps help by keeping a record of the exercise session. Your walk, cycling or aerobics by running, etc is all measured. So you can keep a track of yourself and maintain your health.

Secondly, you can do sit-ups, push-ups, etc without the need for those fancy equipment.

The best part is that you can video call your friends and start doing workouts together. For more information helpful for patients, visitors as well as healthcare professionals visit

8. Mind Your Meals

Working from home will eventually make you overeat, and you can also fall prey to consuming junk food.

This can be a bad thing for you as it adds to obesity, and risks of diseases. However, you can stick to your regular meals while staying fit at home.

Prepare meals that include more salads, and food with less fat as you won’t be able to burn much of the calories. We know that you crave the yummy foods you like but we don’t want you to gain extra pounds.

One more thing. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated all the time. You can fill a water bottle and keep it at the desk. If possible do track your water intake.

9. Spend Time With Kids

As you are not alone in the world to work from home, your kids are too studying at home. Get yourself involved with the activities kids do, their school work, and help them.

This way you will get a break from your regular office work. Create this as a routine and see, you will start loving working at home.

10. Get Some Sun and Breathe Fresh Air

This is a major problem people face as they work from home. It is the lack of fresh air because you don’t go outdoors. Let the fresh air make your brain function smoothly, and it also helps in strengthening immunity.

A good sleep along with fresh oxygen and sun keeps you close to nature. The more you are close to nature, the more you are healthy.

Keep your window panes open and focus on the greenery around you to relax your eyes.

You heard it right. Working from home is the new normal and it has dominated our lives since the start of the pandemic in 2020.

The US economy has almost become working from the home economy. It is going to stay here and will be a part of post COVID economy too.

Work from home or WFH may be challenging for many employees, but it accounts for more than 60% of US economic activity.

For more information on the trends related to WFH and how it has changed office work visit

Staying Healthy While Working From Home - Tips for healthy lifestyle

Staying Healthy While Working From Home – Make the most of your day

The Bottom Line

There you are. Working from home is here to stay and you need to stay healthy. Follow a routine but don’t get yourself stuck in overwork.

Health is important and doesn’t avoid it at any cost. Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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