7 Stress Causing Foods You Should Avoid

Stress Causing FoodsStress Causing Foods

Stress can be caused by diet. To reduce levels of nervousness, or at least not aggravate it, certain foods are to be avoided. Here are seven of them.

1. Caffeine

Caffeine is known for its stimulating effects on the body. Consuming a few hours before going to sleep can even cause insomnia.

It is not recommended for people regularly exposed to stress or anxiety by nature. In this case, the decaf offers a good alternative.

2. Sugar

In case of overconsumption of sugar, too much insulin is secreted, resulting in a peak of hypoglycemia.

In response, the adrenal glands produce two hormones: adrenaline and epinephrine. These hormones keep the brain on alert and are responsible for hyperactivity. We become more easily nervous and stressed.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol relaxes the body and mind, but consumed systematically in response to chronic stress, it is harmful to health and becomes a source of anxiety.

Anxiety is generated by lack, and which is one of the symptoms of withdrawal syndrome.

Alcohol, therefore, provides no solution to stress, on the contrary, it aggravates it.

4. Sweeteners

Sweeteners excite the body in the same way as when eating sugar. The brain is unable to recognize true sugar and fake sugar will produce the same response: a peak of insulin, trigger of hypoglycemia, and irritability factor.

It is better to dispense with sugar altogether or to consume “real” sugar in reasonable quantities.

5. Red meat

Red meat, rich in carbohydrates, is potentially harmful to the body if it is consumed too much and/or too often.

Likewise, saturated fats and the proteins they contain are a stress factor for the body, which has difficulty regulating itself and has to expend a lot of energy to digest it.

6. Prepared dishes

A bad diet with an excess of bad calories is not recommended in case of anxiousness.

Excessive consumption of foods rich in refined carbohydrates or bad fats, overconsumption of refined sugar, or a lack of fresh fruits and vegetables are all stressors for the body.

7. Soft drinks

The consumption of light drinks would increase the stress response, according to a study published in the JCEM medical journal.

Participants in the study had to drink soda, with real sugar for the first group and fake sugar for the second group, several days before taking a math test. After the test, the level of cortisol was higher among consumers of light drinks.

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