8 Brain Exercises to Improve Memory

brain exercises to improve memory brain exercises to improve memory

Here are 6 Brain Exercises to Improve Memory

Bringing new experiences to your brain keeps your brain healthier. In this article, we’ll look at some exercises that can help our brain work better.

These types of brain exercises help prevent or reduce Alzheimer’s disease and strengthen your memory.

To prevent memory loss and sharpen your mind, you should try these mini mental exercises!

Your brain also is a muscle, like any muscle it needs exercise. If you don’t exercise often, you will get lazy.

Here are some habits you can add to your daily routine to increase your brain capacity:

Brain Exercises to Improve Memory

  • Change where your belongings are

brain exercises to improve memory

Brain exercises to improve memory – Exercise 1

Your brain is used to having certain objects in specific places. For example, it knows that your underwear is at the top of the chest of drawers or where the milk is in the fridge.

By doing this, we become a little “lazy” and do everything out of memory.

Challenge yourself by putting items in new places. You can replace the furniture in your home. You can even replace the desk in your office.

  • Use the hand that you don’t normally use

brain exercises to improve memory

Brain exercises to improve memory – Exercise 2

If you are right-handed, use your left hand to do the work you usually do or use your right hand if you are left-handed.

This may be brushing your teeth, combing hair, typing, opening cabinets, using the mouse, chopping food, taking a glass, etc.

  • Keep phone numbers and days in your mind

brain exercises to improve memory

Brain exercises to improve memory – Exercise 3

Due to phones and computers, we no longer need to save some information in our brains. So it’s normal for us not to know the phone number of our parents or friends.

You may even not know your phone number!

Try not to use these devices, or even paper, for support. Remember important days without writing them anywhere. The same is true for GPS maps and calculators. Although they seem to make life easier, they make our brain lazy.

For example, you may not know how to get to your best friend’s house. Before you leave the house, think about your way forward.

  • Take a bath with your eyes closed

Your hands will probably pay attention to various tissues of your own body and send your messages back to your brain because you cannot see them.

Try using only your tactile senses. Find taps just by feeling and adjust the temperature (use common sense to avoid burns or injury).

Try to find where your soap and shampoo are. In this way, you will develop other senses, such as touch. This will make your brain work harder than usual.

  • Take a different route every day

brain exercises to improve memory

Brain exercises to improve memory – Exercise 5

The changes you make in your household items also apply to the routes you choose while traveling to your work, school, gym, supermarket, etc.

If you always use the same mode of transport, change it. If you are going by car or bicycle, choose a different route.

Our brain needs surprises from time to time. Also, by doing this, you can avoid your life becoming boring and routine.

  • Make a new connection with your nose

With the scent of coffee, you remember the beginning of a day, but you probably don’t remember how and when you connected these two things.

However, you can create new neural pathways in your brain by connecting new connections to a new fragrance, such as vanilla, citrus or mint.

Keep the essence of your favorite fragrance on your bed for a week.

First, breathe when you wake up, then continue with your routine tasks such as bathing and getting dressed. You will see that it has replaced the scent of coffee.

  • Play “10 Things”

Forcing your brain to consider everyday alternatives will help keep it strong.

The game is played like this: Someone will give you an ordinary object and ask you to show 10 different “things” or ways in which the object can be used.

This game will both improve your creativity and keep you thinking.

  • Read differently

brain exercises to improve memory

Brain exercises to improve memory – Exercise 8


Reading aloud or listening to something being read allows us to use different brain regions from when we read it ourselves.

Read aloud with your partner or a friend, with the changing roles of reader and listener.

It may be slow to finish a book by reading this way, but we can guarantee that you will spend quality time together and do great brain exercise.

Other Exercises to Increase Your Brain Function

  1. Learn new words, use synonyms and antonyms to say something different.
  2. Dress with your eyes closed.
  3. Walk back without turning your head.
  4. Wear your watch on your other wrist.
  5. Read magazines upside down.
  6. Be curious, look for interesting information on any topic.
  7. Have a healthy diet.
  8. Get between 7 and 8 hours of sleep every night.
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