How to Not Get Mascara on Your Eyelids

how to not get mascara on your eyelids how to not get mascara on your eyelids

How to Not Get Mascara on Your Eyelids – Here Are The Tips and Tricks!

One of the most common eyes makeup mistakes is that the mascara smears on the eyelids.  So, should this mistake be considered a makeup mistake or is it the wrong product choice?

Both! Those with sparse and short lashes especially suffer from the smudging of mascara after applying eye makeup.

After going through this annoying situation over and over, we have solved it! We explain step by step how we prevent mascara from getting on the eyelids.

For your eye makeup to always look flawless, you should follow these steps.

How to Not Get Mascara on Your Eyelids

  • Choose The Right Mascara

How to not get mascara on your eyelids

Choose the right mascara

As we said at the beginning of our article, mascara smearing on the eyelids can be caused by the wrong choice of mascara as well as application mistakes.

What is the best mascara to avoid this trouble? First of all, you should stay away from very thick mascara brushes.

Large mascara brushes increase the chance of mascara getting on the eyelids. This is exactly why you should choose the fine-tipped mascara.

  • Lift Your Head Up

Lift your head up

Lift your head up

When applying mascara, you should always keep the mirror slightly under your head and lift your head slightly.

Thus, the eyelashes remain in a more inclined position to the eyelids and the mascara does not smear on the eyelids.

During the application, you should always place the mascara under your lashes, moving from the bottom to the end with zig-zag movements.

Applying mascara by pressing too much will cause your eyes to tear up, and your entire eye makeup may be spoiled.

With a silicone comb brush, you can make your eyelashes fuller from the bottom to the end. Avoid applying mascara over your eyelashes during application.

Applying mascara over your eyelashes will cause your eyelashes to straighten.

  • Use A Spoon

How to not get mascara on your eyelids – Use a spoon

If your mascara always smears on the eyelids and you want to find a very quick solution to this, you can solve this problem by placing a spoon or card on the eyelids.

The fastest and most practical method to prevent mascara from getting on the eyelid is to use a spoon.

This trick is especially useful after wearing difficult eye makeup. In this way, eye makeup is protected and not put at risk.

Once you learn to apply mascara correctly, you won’t need the spoon method. However, on the first days of using makeup, you can prevent the mascara from getting on the eyelid by closing the eyelids with a spoon.

  • Clean It After The Mascara Dries

Do not rush to clean the mascara on the eyelids. If you try to remove it before it dries, the mascara will spread and your eye makeup may deteriorate completely.

When the mascara smears on your lashes, keep calm and continue to apply eye makeup.

After making sure that the mascara you smeared on the eyelid is dry, apply oil-based make-up cleansing water to the tip of a tiny cotton ball and gently cleanse the mascara.

In one step, you will see the mascara clear from the eyelids without spreading.

If your smokey eye make-up is deformed, take the transition color to the eye shadow brush and correct the eye makeup with small tampon movements.

How to apply mascara to lower lashes

How to apply mascara to lower lashes?

So, how to apply mascara to lower lashes? This is also very easy to solve. Let us explain how to apply mascara to the lower lash without getting it under the eye.

First, curl the lashes with a fine comb mascara. Then add fullness to your lower lashes with a long comb mascara.

Many brushes work wonders on both the upper and lower lashes. Some of these brushes have a thin comb on one side and a long comb on the other.

In this way, you can complete the process faster and easier.

When applying mascara, you should raise your head slightly upward, just like your upper eyelash, and apply it to your lower lashes.

For a natural look on your lower lashes, avoid applying heavy mascara. One coat of mascara will be enough for attractive eye makeup.

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