How to look beautiful without makeup

Makeup can enhance your natural features, but you don’t need it to look great. 

1. Give up (or at least cut down on) bad habits

If you want to look beautiful without makeup then you need your skin, hair, teeth and nails to be in good condition.  This means that if you smoke, you need to stop as quickly as you possibly can.  Stopping smoking will make your breath smell better too.  Alcohol, caffeine and junk food also take their toll on your appearance.  If cutting them out is a step too far for you, then at least cut down on them.  In other words, keep them as treats.

2. Practice good hydration

In principle, hydration means drinking water, but in practice that can get a bit boring on its own.  It’s fine to add some taste, just try to do it in a healthy manner.  For example, you could add some fruit either directly or in the form of fruit tea.  If you prefer fizzy drinks, you can buy machines to add bubbles to your water.  Drinking lots of water cleans out your body from the inside and can make a huge difference to the appearance of your skin.

For the record, nut milks and dairy milk are both fairly healthy but they don’t cleanse the body the way pure water does.  Fruit and vegetable juices are not as healthy as many people think because they generally keep all the natural sugar but lose the fiber which usually goes with it.

3. Get plenty of good sleep

You’ve probably already seen for yourself just how bad you look if you haven’t slept properly.  You may not have learned to appreciate just how much good sleep can benefit your appearance.  Do whatever you need to do to make sure you get the sleep you need every night.  If you need to invest in earplugs or an eye-mask then spend the money.  If you have particularly delicate skin or hair, try investing in a couple of silk pillowcases as these are very gentle and can help prevent split hairs and skin breakouts.

4. Protect yourself from the sun

Even in winter, the sun can damage your skin and hair (and also your eyes).  The issue is light, not heat.  This means that whenever there is sun, you want some form of protection.  This could be as simple as a hat with a brim or a visor, plus a moisturizer with sun-protection.

5. Take care of your hair

Remember your hair includes eyebrows and eyelashes as well as the hair on your head.  You can brush your eyebrows and curl your eyelashes too if you wish.  Be gentle with the hair on your head.  Whenever you wash it, also use a good conditioner and give it time to work.  Try to let it air dry or dry it with a towel.  If you must use a hairdryer, keep the heat as low as you can.  Invest in a good brush and comb which will ease out tangles without tugging at your scalp.

6. Cleanse, tone and moisturize

If budget is tight, you can use a face soap rather than an expensive cleanser.  You can also use a basic toner like witch hazel.  The place to spend your money is on your moisturizer as this is what will protect your skin from pollution, the impact of weather and the signs of aging.  Aim to cleanse, tone and moisturize three times a day.  If this is too much, then night and morning is fine.  As an absolute bare minimum, make sure that you take off any makeup before you go to bed.  Never sleep with it on.

7. Look after your teeth and lips

As a minimum, practice proper brushing with a regular toothbrush.  If you have the budget, electric toothbrushes really are worth the investment.  Once you’ve cleaned your teeth, use a gentle scrub on your lips and then moisturize thoroughly with a proper lip balm.  The skin on your lips is very thin and needs a lot of care to keep it looking beautiful without makeup.

8. Keep your nails manicured/pedicured

You don’t have to use nail polish but you do need to keep your nails in good condition.  That goes for your toenails as well as your fingernails.  The condition of your nails will depend partly on your lifestyle and partly on how well you treat them.  Whether you keep them long or short is a matter of taste (and lifestyle), but keep them approximately the same length and file them so they are smooth.  Make sure your cuticles are tidy, using a moisturizer daily can help avoid hangnails.  Last, but certainly not least, make sure that your nails are completely clean at all times!

Simply follow these common sense methods so that you know exactly how to look beautiful without makeup

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