4 Natural Eye Lift Methods

Natural Eye Lift - Aloe vera Natural Eye Lift - Aloe vera

Here Are 4 Natural Eye Lift Methods for Droopy Eyelids

As you know, droopy eyelids are a problem faced by many people, and some people even undergo surgical operations to remedy this issue. It is inevitable for skin to lose its firmness and natural elasticity over the years.

The effect of aging can be seen more frequently in some parts of the face.

The eye area is most affected by these symptoms because of the thinness and sensitiveness of the skin. There may be wrinkles around the eyes and the eyelids can droop over the eyes.

Moreover, this drooping, which can occur in one eyelid or both eyelids, not only cause cosmetic problems but also can change the vision of the person.

If you experience eyelid drooping due to a serious illness or surgery you need to consult your doctor immediately and act by the doctor’s recommendations.

But if you think that your eyelid problem occurs due to reasons such as aging or inflammation, it is possible to find herbal and natural solutions.

In addition to good nutrition and natural methods that can be applied for skin health, facial exercises also have a great effect. In this article, we will talk about facial exercises and natural methods to strengthen the muscles around the eyes for droopy eyelids.

8 Natural Eye Lift Methods

1. Yogurt and Aloe Vera Paste

Natural Eye Lift - Yogurt

Natural eye lift – Yogurt and aloe vera paste

If you want to make an effective remedy for eyelid drooping, you can apply this mixture in which yogurt and aloe vera play the leading roles.

The ingredients you need for this paste are 1 tablespoon of homemade oil-free yogurt, 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel, half a tablespoon of oatmeal, and 1 thick slice of cucumber.

  • First, grate the thick cucumber slice to prepare the mixture
  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl
  • After removing your makeup and cleaning your face thoroughly, apply the mixture on your face, eyelids and around your eyes
  • After waiting about 20-30 minutes, rinse thoroughly with cold water and complete the application by applying moisturizer suitable for your eye area

2. Natural Eye Lift Method: Egg White Cure

Although it is not an herb, egg whites are one of the natural ingredients used to resolve many skin problems.

Egg whites, which have been proven to tighten pores as well as accelerate the rate of renewal of cells, can have great effects around the eyes even when used alone.

  • Immediately break a cold egg you took out of the refrigerator without letting it get warm and separate the whites from the yolk
  • Put 2 circular cotton pads in the cold egg white
  • Gently rub the cotton pad soaked with egg white on your clean eye area and let it sit for 20-30 minutes
  • Then carefully remove the dried cotton pads and rinse your skin thoroughly with cold water
  • Finally, do not forget to apply moisturizer to your face

3. Plantago Cure

A Plantago cure is a herbal method for eyelid drooping due to inflammation.

  • Take 1 pinch of dried plantain and a cup of water
  • Put the water in a small saucepan, add the Plantago, and boil the water with the Plantago in it
  • After boiling for 5-10 minutes, separate the plantain and the water and let the water cool
  • Apply this water (which you cooled at room temperature first and then in the refrigerator) with a cotton pad around your eyes for 20-30 minutes and rinse thoroughly

You can apply this cure daily. If you wish, you can freeze the water you have prepared in ice trays and then apply it to your eye area by wrapping the ice cubes with a clean cloth.

4. Effective Facial Exercises for Droopy Eyelids

Natural Eye Lift Methods - Facial exercises

Natural eye lift – Effective facial exercises

  • Close your eyes. Place your index fingers on the arches of your eyebrows and your thumbs on your cheekbones. Stretch your skin towards the temples. Close and open your eyes tightly. Repeat this 15 times.
  • Close your eyes tightly for 5 seconds. Then open your eyes widely. Repeat this 15 times.
  • Sit up straight on a chair. Look at the ceiling without raising your head. Then turn your eyes clockwise without moving your head. While doing this, try to see the most extreme corners. After repeating 10 times, do the same exercise counterclockwise. Be careful not to force yourself too hard.
  • Put your thumbs on your eyebrows and press down. At the same time, try to raise your eyebrows. Repeat this 15 times.

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