How to Do Meditation At Home in 6 Easy Steps?

how to do meditation at homehow to do meditation at home

How to Do Meditation at Home in 6 Simple Steps for Beginners

Meditation is one of the most effective methods we can use to relax our minds.

To relieve discomfort caused by fatigue, uncertainty, responsibilities and daily chaos. We can use meditation to calm down, strengthen our sense of confidence in ourselves and life, increase our creativity and organize more easily.

According to the research, meditation regularly not only relieves stress and anxiety, but also lowers blood pressure, and improves sleep quality and focus.

How To Do Meditation At Home?

Step 1: Choose Your Place

how to do meditation at home - Feng Shui

How to do meditation at home – You can benefit from Feng Shui.

Where is the best place to do meditation at home? Is it a space in your bedroom or living room, or an empty room you can use? The best place to meditate is a quiet, large, spacious area that is not affected by the noise of clutter.

You can benefit from Feng Shui while setting up your meditation place. According to Feng Shui principles, everything has energy. The purpose of Feng Shui is to remove negative energy and unleash and attract positive energy. If you want to benefit from Feng Shui:

  1. You can use something that smells good, like incense or candles, in your meditation place.
  2. You can use a variety of plants in this area.
  3. You can place mirrors symmetrically.
  4. You can put sculptures or well-polished wooden objects.
  5. Best of all, you can hang a wind chime.

Eliminate distracting objects. While you are meditating, it is useful to keep away objects that will prevent you from relaxing and distract you, such as a loud clock or vibrating phone.

In addition, you should eliminate items that are not related to your meditation area. So a cardigan, slipper, laptop, or empty coffee cup is just not meant to be in your meditation place.

Step 2: Sit Comfortably

If sitting cross-legged on the floor is not comfortable for you, you can use a pillow or lean your back against a wall, or even sit in a chair.

The important thing is to feel comfortable so you don’t get distracted during meditation. However, make sure your back/spine is always straight and comfortable.

Step 3: Breathe Deeply to Return to your Center

how to do meditation at home - namaste pose

How to do meditation at home – This is the most important part of meditation.

Create awareness in your heart while sitting comfortably with your back straight. Smile. Then, while breathing slowly through your nose, raise your arms from either side of your body and clasp your hands above your head in the “Namaste” position (see picture above).

Then, again exhaling slowly through your nose, lower your hands slowly from the side of your head and bring them directly above your heart while in the Namaste position. Repeat the breathing exercise three times.

  • Step 4 for How To Do Meditation at Home: Scan Your Body

how to do meditation at home - censer

How to do meditation at home – Watch how you feel

Shift your awareness to your feet, making sure your spine is standing straight. Notice how your feet feel.

Then gently scan your body from the bottom up to your head and let each area fully relax.

Pay attention to how you feel in each part of your body and whether there is a tense spot. When you get to a tense point, relax that area with your mind.

Many people feel their shoulders, upper back, and knees tense and one of the places where tension is most felt is the chin. So don’t forget to relax your chin.

Step 5: Observe Your Thoughts

This is the most interesting point of meditation. First, make sure your back is still straight.

You may be hunched over without realizing it. Be aware of the thoughts in your mind. At first, these will mostly be your work to do.

Shopping lists, what to cook for dinner, places to go, people to call…  Of course, it’s normal to think about these. But this time, as these thoughts run through your mind, assume that you are outside and that you are just a witness.

Think that you’re just watching as your thoughts pass by. That’s all.

Just observe without being attached to any emotion that may arise from your thoughts. Tell yourself that you can connect to these thoughts later if you think it will help, but during these two minutes you will only be witnessing.

Whenever you realize that your mind is moving to a completely different place from where you started, refocus your attention on your heart center.

Step 6: Finish the meditation

After observing your thoughts for a few minutes, shift your awareness back to your heart for a moment and stay there.

Then gradually adapt yourself to your surroundings. Get up slowly and continue your day as usual.

Try to carry the awareness you have created until your next meditation session. You can start with 5 minutes each day and extend this period as you feel more comfortable over time. Don’t give up even if you feel like it’s not working.

It will take time for you to feel the positive effects of meditation, so give yourself some time; You will see how meditation improves your quality of life.

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