8 Quick Home Remedies For Eye Stye

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Home Remedies For Eye Stye: How to Prevent and Treat it on Your Own.

Eye stye is a bacterial infection of the sebaceous glands located on the ends of the eyelids. Styes in the eye are common and often harmless, but they can cause redness, mild pain, aches and discomfort.

Eye styes heal in an average of 1 week. However, it is necessary to pay attention to hygiene during this period.

There are many oil glands in the eyelids. The canal mouths of these glands open to the bottom of the eyelashes. When one of these ducts becomes blocked by microbes and a minor infection occurs in the eyelid, it is called an “eye stye”.

If your vision changes with the stye, or if you have recently suffered trauma to your face or eyes, contact your doctor immediately.

Although styes typically resolve on their own, you can try some home remedies to get relief from an eye stye that is bothering you.

8 Quick Home Remedies For Eye Stye

1. Garlic Water

Add 1 garlic clove to water, boil the water, and let it cool. During boiling, garlic will release its antibiotic properties into the water.

Apply this lukewarm water to the stye area with a cotton ball and massage it around the eyes.

2. Potato Massage

Potato is a food that can remove swelling.

Potato is a food that can remove swelling.

When used against wounds and inflammation, potatoes can eliminate swelling in the area. Grate the potatoes and squeeze the juice. Wrap the potato in gauze. Apply the wrapper potato to your eye area.

3. Parsley Juice

Boil parsley in a teapot without chopping it. Cool the parsley juice after it boils. You can apply the cold parsley water to your eyes as a tonic.

Apply the tonic with parsley to the eye stye and wipe the eye area and repeat this several times. You can get rid of styes by cleaning your eyes with this water in the morning and evening.

4. Turmeric

One of the strengths of turmeric is germ reduction.

One of the strengths of turmeric is germ reduction.

Infections on any part of the body can be eliminated with turmeric. Soak the turmeric slices in hot water for a while and let this water cool.

Let the water cool, then dip a cotton ball into the turmeric water that has lost its heat.

Use the cotton ball to wipe the area around the eyes and the stye area. You can use it in the morning and evening for 3 days to clear the glandular inflammation that causes styes.

5. Chamomile Tea

Brew chamomile tea in 1 glass of water and let it cool. Massage the stye with a sachet of chamomile tea that has cooled down and keep it on the eye for 10 minutes.

The antioxidant ingredients in chamomile tea will clear the inflammation that causes the stye. Then, you can clean your eye area with a cotton ball.

6. Anti-Stye Nutrition

home remedies for eye stye - nutrition


Eat foods high in iron and vitamins, as styles occur more often and last longer in people with weakened immune systems.

Vegetable-based and antibiotic-containing vegetables work well. Eating garlic also heals the stye quickly.

7. Oregano oil

Oregano oil is another home remedy used for eye styes. Apply 2-3 drops of thyme oil to a cotton ball on the stye.

Oregano oil, which has an antiseptic effect, helps shorten the stye’s healing time.

8. Hot Water Method

Reduces symptoms of pain and burning before the stye appears. If you compress your eyes with a cloth dipped in hot water, you will prevent the stye before it comes out.

What Are The Ways To Avoid Eye Styes?

  • If you wear contact lenses, be careful not to use them during this period
  • Avoid wear makeup
  • Face cleaning should be done as often as possible
  • The face should not be dried with a dirty cloth or towel.
  • Face wash gels suitable for skin type should be used

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