6 Life-Changing Front Tooth Replacement Options

Front Tooth Replacement Options Front Tooth Replacement Options

Find Out Front Tooth Replacement Options

Teeth are a very important part of our self-image. A person needs to have teeth in good condition, especially so they can feel confident when laughing, talking and biting.

In this article, we will review the problems that may arise in the front teeth and what kind of approaches make the best solutions.

Of course, there will be different treatment recommendations for each patient in the clinic.

For example, if a person with tooth discoloration also complains of crooked teeth, the treatment method to be applied to her/his will differ from the treatment method to be applied to a person with crooked and broken teeth.

You can learn about the generally recommended approaches in this article.

Front Tooth Replacement Options

  • Decay in the Front Tooth

Front tooth replacement options

Front tooth replacement options – Decay in the front tooth

The volume of the front teeth is smaller than the posterior teeth.

For this reason, the formation of decay in the front teeth; is more difficult than in the back teeth because it is more visible and due to this, more attention is paid.

In teeth with excessive loss of enamel, veneers may also be required. It is necessary to try to keep the tooth alive in the mouth as much as possible.

However, after root canal treatment is necessary cases, discoloration of the teeth and tooth loss of fluid is observed.

The tooth becomes brittle and can turn a dark brown or black color. In this case, a veneer or crown is a preferred method for both long-term use and aesthetic appearance.

Lamina application can be performed in small tooth decays that do not require root canal treatment.

  • Space Between Front Teeth

Front tooth replacement options

Front tooth replacement options – Space between front teeth

In the presence of spaced teeth, either the teeth are smaller than they should be or the jaw is larger. Braces can be worn on teeth.

For missing teeth, the dentist should check whether the 3rd incisor teeth are impacted with a panoramic x-ray.

Porcelain lamina and zirconium tooth coatings on implant teeth, which are frequently used today for missing teeth, provide both aesthetic and healthy solutions.

  • Broken Front Teeth

Front tooth replacement options

Front tooth replacement options – Broken front teeth

Although fracture of the tooth by trauma sometimes causes tooth loss, it will be possible for the dentist to save the tooth if the root of the tooth is intact in the mouth and there is a fracture in the visible part of the tooth.

The dentist will check whether the tooth is alive or not. Sometimes, traumatized teeth may be necrotic.

In this case, a root canal treatment is required. X-rays must be taken for an atraumatic tooth. The surrounding tissues of the tooth and adjacent teeth are evaluated.

If there is only a small fracture in the tooth, it is possible to repair the broken tooth with bonding application. This application is completed in a single session.

When the tooth fracture is large, root canal treatment is usually required.

Aesthetic tooth coating can be made using full ceramic empress tooth coatings that do not contain metal, such as zirconium.

  • Discoloration on Front Teeth

Generally, due to antibiotics taken in the womb or infancy or febrile illnesses, the teeth may be discolored to an extreme degree.

Especially tetracycline stains affect tooth color unacceptably. Color changes due to use are also caused by inadequate oral care smoking, coffee and tea consumption.

Teeth whitening is recommended to remove tooth staining. In cases where this process is not sufficient, lamina tooth application is preferred.

Zirconium tooth coating can also be applied in the presence of problems such as excessively broken caries.

  • Missing Front Teeth

Front tooth replacement options

Front tooth replacement options – Missing front teeth treatment

Sometimes we find that one or more teeth are not in the mouth. In this case, a panoramic dental x-ray will be useful again.

Especially the 3rd incisor tooth, called canine tooth, may be impacted. However, sometimes we see cases where there is no tooth.

Sometimes we may lose teeth due to decay or bumps. In the presence of missing teeth, a dental bridge used to be the only solution.

However, now with implant tooth methods, zirconium porcelain tooth coatings are made on implant teeth and on them in all cases from a single tooth to complete edentulism.

  • Crack Front Teeth

Tooth crack, which is a common problem, can be seen in the enamel under extreme load. It is possible to see thinner cracks with the light source.

Sometimes, cold-hot sensitivity may occur in tooth cracks, which are usually not problematic. In such cases, it is necessary not to apply force to the phase on the cracked tooth.

If tooth sensitivity increases gradually and you feel pain while eating, the situation is serious. You should go to the dentist. The dentist checks the tooth’s vitality.

If your tooth is tense or extremely sensitive, root canal treatment may be required.

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