Eye Makeup for Glasses Wearers | 10 Amazing Tricks

Eye makeup for glasses wearersEye makeup for glasses wearers

How to do Eye Makeup for Glasses Wearers

Curious about makeup styles for glasses wearers?

If you are looking for makeup models suitable for glasses frames, you are in the right place, because this article is full of makeup tricks.

If you wear glasses, you are very lucky because wearing glasses is now attractive and cool! There are so many different and stylish varieties of glasses that it can be difficult to choose makeup to go with them.

So, what kind of make-up should be preferred?

When it comes to eyeglass makeup, we used to only see a few classic eye makeup looks.

Today we have compiled 15 makeup tips for you and wrote a makeup guide for eyeglass wearers.

Eye Makeup for Glasses Wearers

Tip 1: Choose natural shades for your eye shadow

Eye makeup for glasses wearers

Eye makeup for glasses wearers – First tip

Nude-toned eye make-up is a very suitable make-up style for both brown bone-rimmed glasses and colored eyeglass frames.

When the luminous eye make-up comes together with the reflection of the glasses, it can create a stunning look.

For this reason, you can get a more natural and prominent eye makeup with matte, nude sub-toned eye shadows.

Tip 2: Create an arrow-like eyelash look

Eyelashes stand out in the makeup of a woman with glasses. For your eyes behind your glasses to look stunning, you should first thoroughly curl them with an eyelash curler.

Then, while applying the mascara, carefully apply the first coat from the roots of the eyelashes to the ends.

Apply the second layer, starting from the root, moving the mascara to the right and left. This way your lashes will gain an incredible volume!

Tip 3: Prevent stains on your glasses

We recommend that you apply a thin transparent powder to the arch of your nose and cheeks, which are the parts of your glasses, to fix the foundation you applied.

Thus, your skin make-up will not transfer and will be fixed and permanent throughout the day.

Tip 4: Cover the trail made by your glasses

You can prevent a reddened appearance by applying foundation to your entire face, especially the nose part where your glasses rest, and around it.

Also, this way, your face looks smooth and flawless! You can create natural-matte flawlessness on your skin by taking inspiration from the no-makeup trend.

Tip 5: Apply a concealer

Do you skip using concealer just because your glasses somehow hide under your eyes? In fact, due to the shade created by the glasses, you’re under-eye areas can look even more pronounced!

For this reason, you can use an illuminating concealer to brighten the under eyes and hide your dark circles. With a good under-eye concealer, you should perfect your eyeglass makeup.

Tip 6: Leave the vibrant colors to your lips

If you apply vibrant colors to your lips instead of your eyes, you can get a more attractive look.

You can make a difference with lipsticks in red, burgundy, and damson tones! We know that you love colorful makeup, but if you wear glasses, colored eye makeup can be very tiring.

Instead, you can try the vibrant colors of matte lipsticks on your lips. Choose matte lipstick colors to match your eyeglass frame and start coloring your lips.

Tip 7: Thick eyeliner for thick eyeglass frames

However thick the frame of your glasses, your eyeliner should be thicker. If you are using thin or glass frames, a thin-tailed eyeliner is just for you!

Tip 8: Small eyes or big eyes?

If you think your eyes look small when you wear glasses, you can apply eyeliner around your eyes and distribute them with your fingertips.

If you think you look big because of your glasses, you can apply a thin eyeliner to the bottom of the eyelashes.

Tip 9: Use bronzer instead of blush

Eye makeup for glasses wearers

Eye makeup for glasses wearers – Ninth tip

Since glasses will take up space in the middle of your face, you can resize your face with bronzer instead of using blush.

Your face may look a little wider, as glasses will cut your face. That’s why you can shade the lower cheekbones a little more with a cool-toned contour powder or bronzer.

So your face will appear longer.

Tip 10: Frame your eyes

We suggest you make a thin frame on your eyes to reveal your eye makeup. For this, you can try lighter and different colors instead of black eyeliner.

You should eliminate the black eyeliner period for a while in eye makeup. The most suitable colors for glasses wearers are silver, brown and vibrant colors.

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