Must-Know Before Having Dental Gum Aesthetics

Dental Gum Aesthetics Dental Gum Aesthetics

Dental Gum Aesthetics- The Healing Process and Everything Else You Need To Know

Dental gum aesthetics is a treatment that corrects pullback and asymmetric disorders in the gums.

Treatments for gum disorders that negatively affect our social and professional life have become more popular recently.

Gum aesthetics is a procedure that can be applied to anyone whose gums and tooth structure are suitable for treatment, without age restrictions.

In Which Cases Is Dental Gum Aesthetics Applied?

Disorders in the gums can cause a bad self-image while smiling or talking and negatively affect the social life of the affected person.

Gum aesthetics is a method that is applied if the gums appear too much while smiling, the color of the gums has become dark red, if there are stains, or if the gum levels are of different sizes.

How Is The Treatment Done In Dental Gum Aesthetics?

Dental gum aesthetics

Which methods are used in the treatment of dental gum aesthetics?

The necessary treatment method for gum aesthetics is determined after the doctor’s control according to the person’s complaint.

Laser applications are generally used during the treatment to ensure that the oral and dental structure is aligned with standards and to solve the aesthetic concerns of the person.

Healing Process

There is no pain during the treatment performed by applying local anesthesia. Painkillers can be used for the pain that may occur after the operation.

Laser applications are generally used in treatments and the healing process is faster than other treatment methods because there is no bleeding.

The healing process in gum aesthetics takes an average of 10-14 days.

What Are The Advantages of Having Dental Gum Aesthetics?

It is very important to treat gum ailments as they can cause tooth loss and damage the tooth structure. In addition to preventing tooth loss, due to gum aesthetics:

  1. The formation of dental infections is prevented,
  2. The negative effects in your social and professional life are eliminated by getting rid of aesthetic concerns,
  3. The tissues that your teeth need are made healthier,
  4. Bleeding in the gums and mouth sores are prevented,
  5. Teeth are arranged as they should be.

What Should People Who Will Have Gum Aesthetics Know?

You want to have a beautiful smile but don’t you feel good about it yet? No problem. We have good news for you.

Although you may not have had such a chance in the past years, due to developments and new technologies in the field of dentistry in the last 25 years, natural aesthetics are more attainable than ever.

It is now very easy to deal with the negative and dirty stains on the gums caused by habits such as smoking, coffee and tea.

If you had lived in the past years, you might not have had a chance but to have your teeth cleaned.

But now, the technology is ready to provide you with excellent services. Apart from all that, let’s warn you about a few things you need to know. Think before you decide:

  • Research the budget of your treatment. If you want to get quality service, you may need to allocate a larger budget than you think.
  • Due to durable and long-lasting materials, it is useful to remember that crowns and laminates are quite strong but not indestructible. You should be prepared that you may have to repeat this process every 15 years.
  • Talk to your dentist about the image you will get as a result of this application.  A better smile adapts to good contact in your social life, but it’s worth remembering that this is just a dental gum aesthetic. Your dentist uses the materials very well, makes them compatible with you and makes them impressive, but this aesthetic will not bring you a new you, it will only improve your smile.

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