What is the Best Drink to Lower Cholesterol?

What is the Best Drink to Lower Cholesterol?What is the Best Drink to Lower Cholesterol?

What is the best drink to lower cholesterol?– Pomegranate juice! Well, some studies suggest that drinking natural pomegranate juice might lower cholesterol levels.

It has antioxidant properties much higher than other fruits.

It has been observed that antioxidants provide several heart-protecting benefits, reducing low-density lipoprotein (LDL, or “bad”) cholesterol.

What is the Best Drink to Lower Cholesterol? – Try Antioxidant-Rich Pomegranate Juice!

Pomegranate juice helps lower LDL cholesterol, prevents the hardening of the arteries, and reduces blood vessel damage.

It has been observed that consuming concentrated pomegranate juice for eight weeks significantly reduced the total cholesterol level.

Pomegranate juice is safe to drink if you take some precautions and drink without added sugar. The sugar adds more calories, reducing the heart-health benefits.

What is the Best Drink to Lower Cholesterol? - Everything you Need to Know

What is the Best Drink to Lower Cholesterol? – Drinks with High-Antioxidants

What is the Best Drink to Lower Cholesterol? – Drinks with High-Antioxidants

The most troubling thing about cholesterol is that it has no symptoms and is left unchecked. You won’t even know if you have high cholesterol until you visit a doctor.

High cholesterol puts a person at a greater risk for heart disease. To live a healthy life, it is recommended to lower your cholesterol levels.

Additionally, eating food and consuming drinks that lower cholesterol can help in the long term.

Drinks with high antioxidants can reduce LDL cholesterol – a bad one! Let’s dive in and learn about the drinks that are high in antioxidants and impact cholesterol levels to positively improve overall health.

  • Red Cranberry Juice

Who doesn’t like to have a cranberry juice cocktail? Well, we are here talking about natural cranberry juice without added sugar. It helps you get cardiovascular benefits.

Drinking cranberry juice twice a day can help to raise HDL cholesterol and lower LDL cholesterol. So, just ignore the bitter taste and ass fresh cranberry juice to your daily routine.

  • Citrus Fruits Juice

Not a big fan of cranberry juice? Squeeze an orange or lemon into water and drop a slice to get the best benefit.

Citrus juices are good antioxidant boosters that lower cholesterol levels and benefit heart health. It is not as powerful as cranberry juice; however, it adds flavors to water to help in the long run.

  • Red Wine – Healthy Alcoholic Beverage

The potent antioxidant properties of red wine make it different from other alcoholic beverages.

Some studies suggest that moderate consumption of red wine can help prevent coronary heart diseases, prevent blood clots, and lower LDL cholesterol.

Red wine contains polyphenolic compounds like catechins, resveratrol, and anthocyanins. Resveratrol is the most effective compound that has significantly shown lower LDL cholesterol with its antioxidant properties.

Remember that excessive alcohol consumption leads to several chronic diseases. So drink a certain amount (5 oz/148 ml of wine) every day to get the benefits and cut the risk of developing other diseases.

  • Grape Juice – A Great Alternative

Alcoholic consumption can become an addiction and can lead to several other diseases. Therefore, grape juice is considered a great alternative that gives cholesterol-lowering benefits while avoiding alcohol.

Grape juice contains flavonoids, the antioxidants that prevent oxidation of ‘LDL’ cholesterol and raise ‘HDL.’ Dark red and purple grape juices are recommended over white or green grapes as they tend to be higher in antioxidants and help to maintain healthy blood pressure.

  • Tart Cherry Juice

Tart cherry juice has shown promising benefits for improving cardiovascular health by raising HDL cholesterol. Consumption of tart cherry juice daily can significantly lower LDL cholesterol and blood pressure. Make sure to have unsweetened varieties, or you’ll be undoing the benefits you should be getting from it.

  • Green Tea

Tea has always been cherished for its healing properties since ancient times. And nowadays, with the advancement and development of Science, it has been confirmed that green tea is one of the best drinks to lower cholesterol.

Green tea doesn’t go through extensive processing; therefore, the antioxidants like catechins remain preserved. Green tea catechins can lower LDL cholesterol, plus help with regulating blood pressure.

When choosing green tea, you must find minimally processed ones. For example, Hibiscus tea has been noted for high antioxidants, which help the heart and body heal.


High cholesterol doesn’t come with symptoms, but that doesn’t mean it’s nothing to worry about.

Elevated levels of cholesterol can significantly higher the risk for heart disease. So, what is the best drink to lower cholesterol?

Well, pomegranate juice has much higher antioxidant properties than other fruits. However, drinking other beverages can also help lower cholesterol and add to other benefits in lifestyle changes.

So, raise your glass, say cheers, and drink to your health!

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