6 Home Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection (Cystitis)

urinary tract infection - remedies for urinary tract infectionurinary tract infection - remedies for urinary tract infection

Learn These 6 Home Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infections are various inflammatory conditions that occur in the urinary tract. It occurs more frequently in the lower urinary tract.

It is seen in the urinary tract called the bladder and urethra, where urine is carried out of the kidneys. It is more common in women because the tube that carries urine out of the bladder is shorter than in men.

Although the causes of the disease have not been determined yet, it is thought that the following conditions may cause, according to research:

  • Damage to the epithelium (the protective layer that covers the bladder from the inside) or the bladder. A leak in the epithelium can cause toxic substances in the urine to irritate your bladder.
  • Immune systems overreaction
  • Allergic reaction
  • Frequent urinary tract infections
  • Irritant items in urine
  • Damage to the nerves that control the bladder
  • Genetic reasons

What Are The Symptoms Of Urinary Tract Infection?

Symptoms of a urinary tract infection typically manifest as burning or frequent urination but it can be seen without any symptoms. In 5 to 10 out of 100 women with urinary tract inflammation, the disease progresses completely without symptoms. Common symptoms of urinary tract infection;

  • Burning or pain in urine
  • Needing to urinate frequently
  • Weakening of urine flow
  • Difficulty holding urine
  • Blood in urine
  • It can be listed as pain in the lower abdomen

3 Home Remedies For Urinary Tract Infection (Cystitis)

1. 2 Liters Of Water

People with urinary tract infections should regularly wash their bladder by drinking plenty of water. For this, taking at least 2 liters of fluid a day is recommended.

Thus, the active bacteria’s proliferation and the infection’s progression are prevented. Since alcohol and lemon juice can irritate the bladder, their consumption should be restricted.

2. Cranberry Juice

It is known that cranberry juice has a therapeutic effect on inflammation in the bladder area. It is known to be acidic and helps to eliminate bacteria when drunk regularly. Therefore, it is recommended to consume cranberry juice during the day.

3. Coriander Seeds

10 grams of coriander seeds are soaked in and waited for a glass of water overnight. It is crushed in the morning. Sugar is added and mixed. This mixture can help reduce infections.

4. Parsley Juice

Parsley also has diuretic properties. Also, consuming raw parsley is good for urinary tract infections.

5. Nutrition Against Urinary Tract Infection

Dietary guidelines effective against cystitis include foods that will reduce the effect of vaginal and anal bacteria such as Staphylococcus and Escherichia coli.

It is necessary to increase the amount of acid in the urine against these bacteria that grow more easily in alkaline environments. People who are prone to cystitis need to change the pH balance in their urine and increase the acidity.

For this reason, eating unprocessed grains, white meat, fresh cheeses, eggs, and sweet potatoes is recommended.

With their antimicrobial and immune system-enhancing effects, onions, leeks, and garlic are also foods that these people should not miss from their meals.

In addition, eucalyptus honey, which is very high in enzymes, is particularly effective against cystitis. It is very important to take precautions against stiffness, to clean the urinary tract by drinking water frequently and regularly, to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, unprocessed grains and yogurt.

Since milk ferments are very effective against cystitis (such that vaginal suppositories prepared from milk ferments are used against chronic cystitis), they must be included in the diet.

The most important measures that can be taken against cystitis are drinking at least two liters of water, mineral water and herbal tea a day. Go to the restroom often. Make sure to go to the restroom after every sexual intercourse.

6. Lifestyle Against Urinary Tract Infection

Stress, lowers the resistance of the organism, leaving you vulnerable to germs. Do not wear too tight clothing, jeans and synthetic panties.

Be wary of the gut and keep your intestines working properly. During acute crises: Place a thermophore filled with hot water on your stomach and under your waist to reduce pain.

Drink plenty of water; Make sure you drink it every hour and the water is not too cold.

Herbal teas such as lemon balm, hibiscus, passiflora and blueberry can be good. Blueberry juice is a very good natural remedy against cystitis.

Cyanine, which is abundant in blueberries, is very powerful against urinary system bacteria. You can relieve symptoms by drinking half a liter of unsweetened blueberry juice a day.

Avoid spicy foods and carbonated drinks. Wash your genital area with a few drops of juniper, cypress, trefoil or eucalyptus oil with lukewarm water.

Massage the stomach and lower back with 10 drops of olive oil or sweet almond oil mixed with 5 drops of juniper, cypress, tea tree or eucalyptus oil.

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