3 Ways To Overcome Caffeine Addiction

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3 Ways To Overcome Caffeine Addiction: Yes To Coffee, No To Caffeine Addiction!

Caffeine addiction is one of those addictions that are often overlooked due to caffeine’s known benefits. However, as with any addiction, caffeine addiction has many negative effects.

Many of us think that because of the benefits of caffeine, there is no harm in our addiction. Yes, caffeine increases your energy, helps speed up your metabolism, and positively affects your liver health. But as with everything else, too much caffeine is harmful.

Are You Addicted To Caffeine?

Caffeine addiction is defined as the inability to quit caffeine consumption and experiencing withdrawal symptoms if you do quit.

If you have headaches, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, irritability, or a depressed mood, your body may be more dependent on caffeine than you think. In addition, while its stimulating effects on the body, such as high heartbeat and high sensitivity, can cause severe anxiety, caffeine also has proven benefits.

Experts say that the daily amount of caffeine should not exceed 400 mg, that is, two cups of coffee.

Drinking coffee is indeed a pleasant and temporary solution to problems such as fatigue and distraction. But drinking too much coffee destroys the benefits it gives in this short time and turns it harmful.

The Dangers of Excessive Coffee

  • Excessive coffee consumption affects the heart: It negatively impacts the rhythm of the heart, leading to possible rhythm disorders.
  • May raise blood pressure: Studies have shown that large amounts of coffee consumption rapidly increase blood pressure.
  • Coffee addiction triggers ulcers: Coffee stimulates the stomach’s acid secretion.
  • Causes Water Loss in the Body: Some experts argue that coffee causes fluid loss in the body.
  • Excessive coffee triggers migraine: Coffee has long been regarded as one of the stimulants that trigger migraines. Research shows that the components of coffee cause migraine by affecting the blood cells in the brain.
  • Loss of vitamins and minerals: Caffeine prevents the body from absorbing iron and other nutrients. It also causes calcium to be excreted in the urine. This increases the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Adversely affect fertility: Caffeine is known to negatively affect fertility. Drinking three cups or more of coffee a day reduces a woman’s fertility rate. Because excessive consumption of caffeine negatively affects ovulation.

So, What Are The 3 Ways To Overcome Caffeine Addiction?

1. Get enough protein

The brain begins to produce more dopamine along with caffeine. When caffeine is taken in large amounts, this hormone is produced as much. The overgrowth of dopamine first consumes the amino acid tyrosine and then phenylalanine.

Depletion of tyrosine and phenylalanine causes an insufficient amount of the dopamine hormone to be produced. After all, the existing lack of dopamine makes you feel sluggish and depressed.

When you take tyrosine and phenylalanine through food, you will not experience the depression and sluggishness you experience when you are not drinking coffee. High protein foods will help you.

Some of these foods are milk and dairy products, eggs, meat, bread types, nuts and legumes. In addition, all beverages, foods and chewing gum containing aspartame contain tyrosine and phenylalanine. When you feed your body with tyrosine and phenylalanine-rich foods for 5 days, your caffeine addiction will significantly decrease.

2. Remove all caffeine-containing drinks from your diet

Another step you should take to overcome caffeine addiction is to remove all caffeine-containing drinks from your diet.

Of course, you don’t have to stay away from these drinks forever but although it is difficult to do this in the first stage, it is really important.

When you stop consuming caffeine for 5 days, your body’s dopamine deficiency will disappear, and your caffeine addiction will decrease day by day.

3. Replace your old habit with a new one

Of course, it is wrong to become addicted to a new drink when you start to overcome caffeine addiction. However, it would be better to fill the gap that may occur in place of your old habit at first.

It would be good to find yourself another favorite beverage that does not contain caffeine, and if you cannot give up coffee, discover decaffeinated coffee.

After taking these three steps and overcoming caffeine addiction, you can include 1-2 cups of coffee in your life during the day. In this way, you will transform from a caffeine addict to a coffee lover.

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