8 Part Time Jobs with Health Insurance

Part time Jobs with Health InsurancePart time Jobs with Health Insurance

How to Find Part-time Jobs with Health Insurance

Part-time jobs have become more appealing than ever these days. Having multiple part-time jobs also gives the feeling of freedom as well as financial safety to many professionals.

The question is how to find part-time jobs with health insurance? While health insurance is typically thought of as a privilege given only to full-time employees, more and more employers are now extending these kinds of benefits to their part-time workforce as well.

You no longer have to work for 40 hours or more a week to get the health coverage you need.

According to the International Foundation of Employer Benefit Plans, 37% of employers set a minimum of 30 hours per week for their staff to receive health insurance and 25% set the bar at only 20 hours per week.

And the good thing is that when it is offered, part-time jobs with health insurance must at least meet the requirements outlined in the Affordable Care Act.

If you’re looking for a part time job to help you get health insurance, we gathered a list of major employers that extend medical plans and some other great benefits to their part time staff.

1. Starbucks

Starbucks has been providing its part time employees with health insurance for years through its program called Your Special Blend. It’s a benefits package that provides health insurance, as well as other benefits, such as dental and vision.

To qualify, you need to clock in at least 240 hours in a three consecutive month period, which works out to be at least 20 hours per week. Starbucks pays 70% of the premiums for their employees and they cover 100% of preventative medicine.

Additionally, Starbucks has branches in virtually every nook and cranny around the United States, which means there may be a job available close to where you live.

2. UPS

Part-time Jobs with Health Insurance

Part time Jobs with Health Insurance: UPS

While UPS is not the first choice for many who are looking for group health insurance coverage because the work is physically challenging and they have to be there for a minimum of one year, it’s still well known for providing part time jobs with health insurance.

For union jobs, which likely take in the vast majority of delivery personnel, an employee must work at least 400 hours over three months to get full-time benefits, which is something like 25 hours per week.

To be eligible for part-time benefits, which already include health insurance, an employee must work between 225 and 400 hours over three months.

3. Amazon

Part-time Jobs with Health Insurance

Part time jobs with health insurance: Amazon

Amazon offers health insurance to part-time employees that are scheduled to work 20 or more hours per week.

Not to mention that this online retailer has warehouses and offices around the U.S., which makes the opportunity pretty accessible to anyone.

They also provide dental and vision insurance plans to part-time workers, in addition to medical plans.

What’s more, Amazon also provides a 401k with a 50% match of up to 4% of the employees’ pay (for a total match worth 2%). Their part-time employees can also access flexible spending accounts (FSAs) for health care and dependent care, which enable them to use pre-tax earnings to cover qualifying expenses.

4. Walmart

Walmart has healthcare options for both part-timers and full-time workers. Their employees must work an average of 30 hours per week, though some part-time workers can qualify with as little as 24 hours per week.

Their benefits package also includes education assistance for training, degrees, or certificates relevant to retail work. On top of that, Walmart also offers bonuses based on store performance, which are available to both full- and part-time employees.

5. Lowe’s

Lowe’s offers part-time jobs with health insurance, which is perfect if you have a background or interest in construction, home remodeling, or any of the trades. And they have locations all across the country!

Lowe’s health insurance comprises prescription drugs, dental and vision coverage. These benefits take effect within 31 days of employment, which is a great thing if you’re looking for coverage fast.

However, they don’t indicate how many hours you need to work to qualify, so you’ll need to inquire on that front.

6. Whole Foods

Part-time Jobs with Health Insurance

part time jobs with health insurance: Whole Foods

Whole Foods has nearly 500 stores across 44 states, so there’s a great chance you can find a location near where you live.

To be eligible, you need to work at least 20 hours per week and complete an undisclosed probationary period. Their website doesn’t indicate the specific type of coverage but it seems to be dependent on location. You’ll have to inquire about this in the store where you apply.

7. Costco

Costco offers health coverage to part-time employees for medical care, vision and hearing, dental care, and prescription drugs. What’s more, their employees can access plans for disability, life, or long-term care insurance.

Part-time employees qualify in the second month after they have clocked in at least 450 hours. They can also add spouses, children, and domestic partners to their plans and pay part of these costs via payroll contributions.

8. Ikea

At Ikea, workers are considered full-time when they work 20 hours or more per week, which gives part-time employees and their dependents access to similar benefits to those working up to 40 hours, which includes medical, dental, and vision plans.

They also offer tuition assistance, parent insurance, generous paid time off, and discounts on store items and meals.

Health insurance is one of the most crucial types of insurance coverage we need. Going without medical coverage or losing access to affordable health insurance can be scary and it may feel as though expensive medical bills and debt are just one accident or illness away.

But part time jobs with health insurance can be a workable solution for someone self-employed, does contract or gig work, or works in a job that doesn’t offer health insurance.

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