8 Tips to Enlarge Your Eyes in Pictures

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger In PicturesHow to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger In Pictures

Have Bigger Eyes in Pictures – Overview

Everyone wants to look their best in a picture, and it’s common knowledge that bigger, more visible eyes are an important feature and a great way to make yourself look brighter and more awake.

If you have bags under your eyes, haven’t gotten enough sleep, or want to make your eyes stand out more in your next photo, there are a couple of quick, simple steps you can follow to get the look you want.

Follow the steps below to learn how to make your eyes look bigger in pictures.

8 Tips for Making Your Eyes Look Bigger in Pictures

1. Get rid of bags and puffiness

The first step to making your eyes look bigger in pictures is to reduce any puffiness or bags around your eyes.

You can do this by using cucumbers and ice or by putting drops of cold water around your eyes. Either of these methods will result in reduced bags and puffiness around your eyes.

2. Shape your eyebrows

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger In Pictures

Shaping Eyebrows

Getting your eyebrows in shape will frame your eye and make it appear larger. You should groom your eyebrow to give yourself a full arch, which will accentuate your eye.

Eyebrow threading is a great option to get your eyebrows in the right shape, or you can do it yourself with a pair of tweezers. Make sure to clean up any stray hairs above or below your eyebrow.

3. Get rid of Dark Circles

Nothing will hide the natural beauty of your eye quite like a dark circle around it. A good concealer will correct the color around your eye and illuminate your eye.

Your concealer should be just a shade or two lighter than your foundation to bring out the color of your eye. Apply the concealer all around your eye and on your upper and lower eyelid.

Applying concealer on your upper eyelid up to your socket line will make a big difference in your final look. Be sure to cover the inside corners of your eyes and the side of your nose.

4. Apply Eyeshadow

Applying Eye Shadow

Applying Eye Shadow

Apply some dark-colored eyeshadow to your upper eyelid through the roots of your eyelashes.

At the end of your eyes, wing the eye shadow slightly to extend your eyes and make them appear bigger while also giving your eyelashes a full, thick appearance.

You should also apply some eyeshadow below your lower eyelash line and extend it inwards, toward the corners of your eyes. This will balance your lower eyelid with your upper eyelid and give you the appearance of larger eyes.

5. Curl your Eyelashes

Curling Eyelashes

Curling Eyelashes

Curling your lashes is a vital step to make your eyes look bigger in pictures. Curled lashes will make your eye area appear wider and reduce any shadow from your eye area.

Curled lashes give you a more “awake” appearance and do wonders for making your eyes appear larger in pictures. A good trick is to warm up your eyelash curler before using it, to make the curl last longer throughout the day.

6. Apply your Eyeliner

Applying Eyeliner

Applying Eyeliner

Eyeliner is essential for getting a bigger, wider eye look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a new color.

Black and brown eyeliners can sometimes make your eye area appear a little smaller. Trying a flesh-colored tone can help make your eye appear larger instead.

7. Highlight the corners of your eye

Applying a highlighter to the inner and outer corners of your eye will brighten and widen the appearance of your eye, helping you achieve the bigger eye look in your picture.

8. Use mascara

Using Mascara

Lengthening mascara is essential for making your eye look bigger and bolder. Use it along your upper and lower eyelashes to create wide eyes and draw your lashes out, widening the eye area and keeping shadows off of your eye.

Make sure to go with a lengthening mascara rather than a thickening one, and apply your mascara right from the base of your eyelid for your upper lashes, but only on the tip of your lower lashes.

Conclusion: How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger In Pictures

If you follow these tips, you will get the appearance of larger, more awake, more visible eyes.

These tips are universal and can be applied by anyone, whether you have small eyes that you want to make look bigger, or if you just want to make your eyes look more open, awake, and well-rested.

They can also be applied regardless of your eye shape or color. Don’t forget to use a camera with a flip screen so that you can see how your eyes look through the tilted screen while you are shooting pictures.

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