6 Easy to Apply Healthcare Scholarships for Women

Healthcare Scholarships for WomenHealthcare Scholarships for Women

6 Healthcare Scholarships for Women

Ladies, if you’re looking for some financial aid in the States to get into medical programs, the following information might be useful to you.

Here are some grants and scholarships that are especially for women looking to build their careers in the healthcare and medical fields. Check the eligibility criteria before you apply for each.

Healthcare Scholarships for Women

Healthcare Scholarships for Women

1. Medical Education Scholarship

The American Medical Women’s Association offers twice-annual grants to women only. These help them to cover the cost of their medical education.

The financial need of the candidate is preferred but not necessary.

The amount offered is $500. You can only apply if you have fulfilled these criteria:

  • Applicants must be female with AMWA membership.
  • Applicants must embody the goals of the AMWA organization.
  • Applicants must submit the required essay responses and financial information.
  • Applicants must also be ready with letters of recommendation.

2. Evelyn- Lewis Memorial Medical Health Science Scholarship.

The Zeta Phi Beta National Education offers this scholarship to undergraduate and graduate female students pursuing a degree in medicine or the health sciences.

You can get a chance to be awarded for a year-long full-time study from fall to spring.

The amount they give away to the right candidate is between $500-$1000 and is paid directly to the college or university.

Here’s what you require to be eligible:

  • You must have valid enrollment proof
  • You will have to write essays and generate a letter of recommendation when applying.

3. Irene and Daisy MacGregor Memorial Scholarship

This is one of many grants the organization Daughters of the American Revolution gives to female students. This particular scholarship is granted to those in line to become a medical doctor or graduate program for psychiatric nursing.

The amount they’re giving to the deserving candidate is a whopping $5000 and can seriously take care of the huge costs of any medical student to a large extent.

The following conditions must be met at the time of applying:

  • The female student must be accepted or already part of an accredited program
  • The student must have an exceptional academic record
  • The student must also be in financial need of a scholarship.
  • Applicants will have to produce letters of recommendation and essays on topics that the committee will ask for.

It’s worth keeping an eye on this foundation for other grants you might be eligible for.

4. AfterCollege Scholarship with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN)

Both AACN and AfterCollege have come together to support students of Bachelors, masters, or doctoral programs of nursing. Those students in a graduate program to become nurse educators will be given special priority.

The scholarship amount will be $2500 in each quarter.

  • Applicants must already be enrolled in an AACN member college or university.
  • The committee will give special preference to those in RN-to-BSN or RN-to-MSN programs.
  • The deadlines are March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31 for each quarter, respectively.

5. Lynn Adamson Memorial Scholarship

Women Health Care Executive gives away this annual scholarship to graduate-level females enrolled in healthcare-related programs. This can range from public health, healthcare management and administration, health care policy and research, health law, nursing, medicine, health technology, and more.

  • Applicants must be residing in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Applicants must also have a year of academic study left

The amount offered is a hefty sum of $5000 and can seriously boost any deserving candidate’s career in the healthcare niche.

6. Francis Anthony Beneventi Medical Scholarship

This is another one from the Daughters of the American Revolution and can be granted to any female studying in an accredited medical program. The candidate can apply from anywhere in the States. But there are a few exceptions in terms of the degree. Take a look at the conditions below.

  • Applicants studying pre-med, veterinary science, or physician assistant degree are not eligible to apply.
  • Candidates must have a 3.25 + GPA.
  • Letters of recommendation and Essays are also to be submitted.

The amount offered is $5000 per year and is offered to students demonstrating a high degree of excellence in their academics.

So,  now that you know where to get good healthcare scholarships for women to get financial aid for your dream career in healthcare, start applying!

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