Are Bananas Good for Acid Reflux?

Are Bananas Good for Acid Reflux Are Bananas Good for Acid Reflux

Are Bananas Good for Acid Reflux? Let’s Find Out!

Are bananas good for acid reflux? The answer is, yes. Bananas beat acid reflux!  Acid reflux is the return of food and secretions from the stomach to the esophagus.

A few good remedies for this annoying problem are bananas, cabbage, legumes, and milk.

Reflux is simply the return of stomach contents to the esophagus and we know how uncomfortable it is. For this reason, the first option may seem like a banana, but there are also ways to get rid of acid reflux faster.

Are Bananas Good for Acid Reflux? How Can You Get Rid of Reflux the Fastest?

You are not alone, many people suffer from the ailment of acid reflux. General discomfort, indigestion and acid reflux are among the most common digestive issues.

Studies have revealed that the frequency of reflux has also increased in developed societies. One-fifth of the population has it.

Did you know that in the spring months, acid reflux can get even worse? There is an important relationship between allergic rhinitis (respiratory allergy) and acid reflux. They can trigger each other and aggravate each other.

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How Can You Get Rid of Reflux the Fastest?

  • Stress and Nutrition Play a Leading Role Again!

As a result of reflux, the acid and pepsin in the stomach, the substance that helps the digestion of proteins in the stomach, irritates the lower end of the esophagus and the esophagus becomes unable to protect itself from stomach acid.

In addition to stressful work and living conditions, the traditional food style has also changed.

Less and less consumption of home meals, time-consuming meals, convenience foods, coffee, tea, carbonated drinks and cigarette consumption are important factors in the formation of reflux.

  • Honey

Are bananas good for acid reflux

Are bananas good for acid reflux – Natural honey is a very successful food in fighting ulcers and gastric acid as well as stomach acid.

Honey helps reduce the risk of acid reflux by covering the esophagus and stomach, slowing the upstream of stomach acid and undigested foods.

If you eat 1 teaspoon of honey every time you feel the reflux, you can see that the discomfort disappears instantly. If you make this a habit, likely, you will not encounter this disorder again in a short time.

  • Consume Fiber-Rich Foods

Are bananas good for acid reflux

Consume fiber-rich foods for reflux like bananas and peaches

Here is the answer to the question of whether are bananas good for acid reflux. Bananas, apples, peaches, pears, melons, and strawberries are fruits high in fiber and are recommended in a reflux diet.

However, although fibrous, acidic fruits such as orange, tangerine and grapefruit can cause acid reflux.

  • Make Habits That Reduce Reflux Complaints

  1. Reduce The Portions: Have you chosen foods that reduce reflux complaints and are you done? No! You should not be overfilled in your stomach too. This situation causes the food to return easily.
  2. Don’t Eat Too Fast: Chewing each bite for a long time is important for reflux patients. In addition, eating sitting, rather than standing, provides effective protection.
  3. Lose Weight: The complaints of reflux patients with overweight problems are both more frequent and more severe. For this reason, make sure to be at your ideal weight.
  4. Your Pillow Height Is Must Be 12 Inches: The reason for this is that the head should be kept above the level of the stomach to prevent the return of gastric fluid throughout the night.
  5. Stop Eating 2-3 Hours Before Bedtime: Take care to stand in an upright position after eating instead of lying down or sleeping. Otherwise, with the effect of gravity, the risk of gastric content escaping back into the esophagus increases. This increases the complaints.
  6. Do Not Consume Spicy Foods: Spicy foods increase the pain and burning sensation in the esophagus irritated by reflux. Studies; It has shown that the substance called capsaicin found in hot red pepper increases the burning/pain sensation in reflux after consumption.
  7. Consume Egg Whites Instead of Egg Yolks: Egg yolk causes the release of cholecystokinin hormone, which leads to the loosening of the lid of the esophagus opening to the stomach. Thus, it becomes easier for stomach contents to escape back into the esophagus and reflux complaints increase.
  8. Do Not Drink Water While Eating: When drinking water during a meal, food and water can combine to create a large volume in the stomach and increase the possibility of stomach contents returning to the esophagus with the pressure it causes. For this reason, you should consume water between meals, not during meals.

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