10 Home Remedies That Can Help a Sore Throat

With the drop in temperatures, the coughs and hoarseness reappear, which we end up suffering every year. You can relieve the symptoms a little with the next options.

1. Gargle, a classic that doesn’t fail

As in so many other things, our grandmothers were right. Gargling several times a day with warm salt water allows it to absorb water from mucous membrane cells, which are inflamed during constipation.

Just half a tablespoon of salt in a glass of water. Half a minute is more than enough.

If you gargle more than three times a day, the mucous membranes may end up irritated, just the opposite of what we want.

2. Choose soup first

And if it’s chicken, even better. Although any warm broth will do well, experts especially recommend chicken, vegetables or beef.

Soups that do not suit you are tomato, excessively acidic, or those containing dairy products, which increase mucus production.

3. Savor a spoonful of honey

Take it as if it were a candy. Let it rest on the back of the mouth. Honey is an effective antiseptic, that is, it helps fight infectious diseases by destroying the microbes that cause them.

Remember that children under one year can not take honey, as it may contain the bacterium Clostridium botulinum that causes the appearance of botulism in babies.

4. Put on a warm cloth

In addition to being extremely pleasant, hot cloths can improve circulation in the throat and help it to deflate.

Dampen a rag with hot water, drain it and place it on the throat to take effect.

The heat will cause the blood vessels to dilate and help the muscles relax, which will reduce the pain.

5. Take a shower or a bath

It is another way to bring moisture to the throat. The steam that generates a good hot shower will increase the humidity of the environment, and that of your throat.

You can also take a bath and put some herbs and essential oils in the water.

6. Have a glass of baking soda and lemon

It does not seem very attractive to the palate and, the truth is that it is not. But drinking 1 or 2 glasses of this mixture a day can be very effective for any condition related to the throat and voice.

Both baking soda and lemon have antibacterial properties.

7. Try to talk a little less

The ideal way to recover from aphonia as soon as possible is to rest the vocal cords for at least two or three days. If you also try to clear your throat and breathe through your nose and not through your mouth, recovery will be faster.

Avoid going to loud bars or places that force you to raise your voice to communicate.

8. Suck peppermint candies

It matters little if they are mint, eucalyptus, orange or lemon. The reason that taking candies relieves your throat irritation is that the saliva that is produced by sucking them softens the throat.

If you are diabetic, choose them without sugar.

9. Prepare an infusion of licorice

This plant is especially effective in cases of aphonia. And it is that licorice has valuable anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties.

An infusion of licorice will help you open the airways and let your aphonia begin to heal.

In addition to being antibacterial, its anti-inflammatory and softening properties of mucous membranes help a lot in the treatment of angina and pharyngitis.

10. Take it easy

The more nervous we are, the more our immune system weakens. In addition, stress and anxiety can affect the vocal cords, favoring the onset of aphonia.

Nerves can cause us to force the voice almost unconsciously, injuring the vocal cords. Try to speak in a soft and calm tone.

Natural Relief

Sore throat is usually related to irritation or inflammation of the vocal cords, symptoms that, in turn, can be the expression of various pathologies such as a cold, aphonia or pharyngitis.

In the article that you have just read, we have compiled some of the remedies that you can consider when it comes to relieving the discomfort of the throat. From an infusion to a hot shower, there are a few options at your disposal.

Foods that relieve a sore throat

In addition to infusions, honey or candies, there are certain foods that can be an extra help to stop coughing and reduce discomfort when swallowing:

  • Frozen foods. Cold foods help numb the pain and the creaminess of ice cream increases the feeling of well-being.
  • Cooked cabbage. Its high antioxidant content makes it your best ally against a sore throat.
  • Cooked carrot. It provides vitamin A and improves the immune system.
  • Licorice. Sucking this plant relieves throat irritation and reduces nervous cough. There are studies that demonstrate its balsamic effect on the respiratory tract.
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