15 Weight Loss Tips You Must Be Aware Of

weight loss tips weight loss tips

15 Weight Loss Tips

Diet is the first step to losing weight. But sticking to a diet is more important than starting one. Many people make diet plans to lose weight but often lose motivation within a few days or weeks.

Life is full of excuses to break the diet; Someone’s birthday, first dates, a bad relationship, your favorite meal at dinner, a boring day, a date with your friends that you haven’t seen for a long time, not satisfied with the pace of losing weight. The list goes on and on.

Many people break their diet with these excuses, hunger crises and lack of motivation. In this article, I’ll talk about 15 top tips to help your motivation.

15 Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

1. When starting a new diet, your body will have a very strong sugar craving in the first two weeks of the diet.

In other words, the first two weeks of the diet are typically the hardest. If you can resist your cravings for the first two weeks, you can be sure that you will see your craving for desserts start to fade, and you will find that you start to enjoy foods like broccoli.

2. exercise in the first days of a new diet and workout regime can cause muscle pain. If your body is not used to exercise, you will have pain because your muscles are developing.

Don’t forget that and love your pain, but know the difference between muscle soreness and more serious pain. If you have severe pain in your joints or feel like you tore or sprained a muscle, you should seek medical care.

3. A 5-minute yoga session after the workout relaxes muscles and fights pain. Yoga stretches your body out and can help with recovery after a workout.

4. If you feel like giving up, try on the shorts, dresses, and jeans that you used to wear. If you see that you are making progress, it will be easy to maintain motivation.

5. Look at the social media accounts of people doing workouts and pay attention to how they look. You should set fitness goals for yourself and look at the progress people who were in a similar situation to you made.

But make sure to set realistic goals. Looking at social media of people with unrealistic body types can be disheartening.

6. If you think you can’t help your craving for dessert, eat that dessert by looking at yourself in front of the mirror. This helps you conceptualize what you are doing, and can make it more difficult to give in to cravings.

7. Make sure you do your exercise at least 1 hour after a meal. And don’t forget! Exercising after eating helps you lose weight, and if you know that you have a hard workout coming up right after a meal, you will be sure to eat healthy to fuel your body for the workout.

8. When your mealtime comes, go away from the television, phone, iPad, or laptop and eat without watching anything. Sitting in front of the T.V. eating food is a bad habit, and can lead to overeating and unhealthy eating habits. You should pay attention to what you are eating.

9. Choose a diet partner and persuade her/him to diet with you. If you do this with someone, you can be motivated together and I’m sure you’ll want to stick to someone who goes on a diet because you want to.

10. Indulge your inner ‘I’. Reward yourself. But not with food! Don’t waste your efforts. Do things that make you feel peaceful. For example; massage, bubble bath, listening to music, reading, watching the sunset, yoga… You can gift yourself a luxurious SPA session.

11. Make a list of things that makes you happy, but no food. When you achieve each goal, select it from your list and use it. For example; if your goal is 10 kg, do this every 2 kg

12. Own a dog. Dogs help you in your diet. They rise your physical activity and provide great social support. Because they are always excited about physical activity more than humans.

13. You are the only obstacle. Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to get help when needed.

14. Find a role model but find the right role model. The supermodel may not motivate you. You can choose one that you can reach more easily.

15. Remember why you started

It’s OK to try and fail before. Just remember the ones who try more have a higher chance to succeed.

Follow these steps when you feel like breaking the diet and please follow these steps during the diet.

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