10 Tips to Make Your Vacation More Enjoyable

Waiting all year long, the holidays are synonymous with pressure: the obligation to succeed is heavy. Here are ten simple tips to make the most of your vacation.

1. Start from work free spirit

Going away from work is essential for a good holiday. In order to avoid stressing the first day of your holidays, remember to settle everything before leaving. Adjusting everything does not mean finishing everything but planning, prioritizing, organizing and delegating. Treat the emergencies and put in the autumn what can wait.

2. Reprogram yourself

Our everyday life encourages us to be always faster and more efficient, but the holidays are conversely synonymous with rest, which can finally be distressing when you are not used to it. If you are not used to relaxing, enjoy your vacation to learn to meditate and do nothing.

3. Have fun

The holidays are a source of pleasure, whatever it is. Fall in love with a garment or jewel without thinking of your budget (while remaining reasonable of course), eat a dessert without thinking about your diet, and enjoy this period of rest to share moments of tenderness and intimacy with your family or companion, without thinking of your arguments the rest of the year. Simply put, HAVE FUN!

4. Disconnect

For a good holiday, it is better to stay away from your laptop and computer. If you can not turn off your phone, try to limit the amount of time you spend on it – just answer essential messages and keep Facebook and other social networks at bay. The idea is to reconnect but with oneself, family, nature, etc.

5. Be selfish

All year round, you share yourself around: for your children, your spouse, your boss, your friends, etc. During the holidays, learn to say stop and give you moments just for you. For example, set a time in the day when you do not want to be bothered and take advantage of it to do what you do not have time to do the rest of the year.

6. Contemplate

During your vacation, be attentive to the beauty of the world. If you travel, rather than having your eyes fixed on your phone, enjoy the scenery. Look around and connect to what’s around you. Soak up the present and be attentive to your emotions. If they are positive, fix them in your mind to come back in less clement times.

7. Get out of your comfort zone

All year round, the routine is in order. During the holidays, take the opportunity to test new activities and try unusual experiences. Practice a new sport such as diving or surfing, go camping, rent a camper, etc., all are good ways to shake old habits.

8. Enjoy your loved ones

In everyday life, between work and obligations, there is only a short time left to spend with family and friends. Enjoy the holidays to share special moments with your loved ones: play with the youngest, see your friends, go to the restaurant with your spouse, etc.

9. Avoid the shock of returning from vacation

In order not to lose all gains made during the holidays, think about the after-holidays. Try not to return before you have to, and if you can not do otherwise, prepare in advance before going on vacation (buy school supplies, do chores, etc.).) for a smooth return.

10. Extend your holidays

Do not forget your vacation too quickly by returning to the infernal spiral of everyday life and keep all the good habits acquired during the holidays: keep small moments just for you, break the routine, enjoy life. Even with the constraints, life is more beautiful when it is approached in a positive way.