3 Super Simple Skin Care Tips and Tricks

How can you achieve beautiful skin? In this article, you will learn three simple tips for a healthier skin.

1. The morning routine

In the morning, when your eyes are still swollen: play the cold card. Wash your face with cold water or a thermal bomb. The cold water in the morning has the advantage of not attacking the skin as it tends to make hot water.

If your eyelids are swollen, slide an ice cube into a tissue and gently slide it over each eyelid for a few minutes. Then protect your skin with a day cream adapted to your skin type, which can contain a sunscreen if the weather is nice.

In the evening, your skin has accumulated impurities, dust, sebum, etc… It is also the time of makeup removal. Use cleansers or makeup removers and a night cream adapted to your skin type.

2. Do not hurt your skin

The skin plays a role of barrier ensured by a thin horny layer and a hydro-lipidic film on its surface. You must avoid breaking the skin barrier: do not wash your face too much (no more than twice a day) and always with products that are adapted to your skin type. Avoid hot water, dab your skin rather than scrubbing it with your towel and lastly, do not do scrubbing treatments more than once a week.

Oily skin is thick and shiny as soon as it is hot, with dilated pores and tends to produce acne (blackheads, red spots, etc…). This type of skin requires care adapted to oily skin as cleansing products for oily skin or creams for skin with imperfection non-comedogenic. Avoid touching your pimples because this often causes complications: perennial pimples, scars, pigmented spots, etc…

Dry skin desquamates and pulls as soon as it is attacked (cold, swimming pool, etc…). Do not wash it more than once a day, rather in cold water with dry skin cleansers and moisturize with rich texture creams.

Mixed skin is usually oily in the center of the face and dries around. It requires care for oily skin on the seborrheic zones, which is called T-zone (chin, nose, forehead), and for dry skin on dry areas, that is to say on the rest of the face. However, the combination skin must be cleaned like a dry skin, that is to say with a mild cleanser.

Sensitive skin is a skin that twitches, peck, swarms, heats and often tends to blush. It is a reactive skin intolerant to many environmental irritants such as heat, sun or some cosmetics. Sensitive skin requires specific care for sensitive skin.

Avoid lack of sleep, tobacco, alcohol and have dietary intake rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Prefer a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, prefer fish to meat, olive oil butter or cream… and above all, flee pastries and sweets!

3. Protect your skin from the sun

The sun is the worst enemy of your skin: it accelerates aging, that is to say the loss of elasticity of the skin and wrinkles and causes the appearance of spots and redness on the skin, especially at the level of the skin. of the face, constantly exposed.

Avoid sun exposure and opt for shade, especially between 11am and 4pm in summer, wear sunglasses, a hat and blankets. Finally, apply a sunscreen of high index in summer and moderate in winter if there is sun.