10 Natural Ways to Getting Rid of Cellulite

Ways to Getting Rid of Cellulite

Whether watery, fibrous or adipose, cellulite is unsightly, even if it is naturally present, especially in women. Here are ten simple tips for minimizing it.

1. Massage yourself

Massage is an excellent anti-cellulite if it is well-practiced.

Devices exist but it is also possible to perform manual massage by making circular gestures to activate the blood circulation, and palpate-rolling to “break” the fat cells and promote lipolysis.

2. Move

Sport does not lose weight as such but makes it possible to transform the fats into muscles, which gives a more harmonious silhouette. In addition, the sport regulates the appetite and reduces snacking.

The ideal is to devote 30 minutes a day to physical activity, which can be moderate as walking, or more oriented cardio, such as jogging, for example, depending on the appetite we have for the sport.

3. Drink coffee

Caffeine is a molecule that limits the multiplication of fat cells and prevents the storage of fat. It is present in coffee, but also in green tea or guarana, two recognized fat-burning active ingredients.

So you can buy a slimming cream based on coffee, or simply, massage daily with the grounds of your coffee.

4. Use a suction cup

Suction cups are used in traditional Chinese medicine to revive blood circulation and break the fat cells to evacuate the inside fat (lipolysis). Suctions are available in pharmacies and supermarkets. Just put it on the area to be treated after having emptied the air and make movements in a horizontal direction from bottom to top, then in the vertical direction.

5. Drink an infusion of cherry stems

The cherry stem helps detoxify the body and promotes circulation, often worse in the case of cellulite. To drain the fat cells, infuse a handful of cherry stems into simmering water, cover and wait 10 minutes before drinking. Ready-to-use pouches can also be found on the market, better to prefer their bios.

6. Use essential oils

Some essential oils have draining and decongestant properties. This is the case of the green cypress and geranium of Egypt which improve the tone of the skin. To drain toxins, essential oils of juniper and fennel are preferred. As for eucalyptus essential oil, it accelerates the breakdown of fat cells.

NB: Essential oils must always be diluted in vegetable oil.

7. Hydrate to drain

Hydration helps maintain good circulation and good exchanges in the body, which prevents stagnation of fat. It is recommended to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day, to which will eventually be added birch sap, an effective drainer.

Green tea is also a drink known for its draining effects, as is coconut water, which is not very sweet.

8. Consume less salt and sugar

Salt promotes the retention of water, causing water cellulite. Replace with spices that activate blood circulation and increase body temperature, promoting lipolysis.

Also, limit sugar as it turns into fat in the body.

9. Relax

Stress promotes the secretion of a hormone, cortisol, which promotes weight gain, including abdominal fat. In contrast, endorphins, hormones of happiness induce a state of relaxation and allow better elimination of waste by the body.

10. Promote good blood circulation

Besides the massages, the cold is an excellent toning and draining. At the end of the shower, you can then pass a jet of cold water on the lower body, starting with the feet to finish with the thighs (or the belly or chest for the bravest).

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