10 Healthy Reasons Sex is Good for You

Sex is good for your health. Like drugs, alcohol or certain foods, it activates reward circuits in the brain without any deleterious effect unlike other substances. Here is our selection of ten health benefits of sex.

1. It fights against cardiovascular diseases

During sexual intercourse, the heart rate increases which has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. According to one study, having sex on average twice a week would reduce heart risk more than those who have sex once a month.

2. It reduces hypertension

According to a study, women who are sexually and regularly satisfied significantly reduce their risk of hypertension compared to those who do not regularly have sex or pleasure. On the other hand, men who had sex once or more per week had a five-year risk of cardiovascular injury compared to those who were sexually inactive.

3. It makes you smarter

In 2010, a study showed that the neurons of rats with frequent sexual intercourse saw their area of learning and memory grow in the brain.

The reason? Pleasure induces a greater availability of body and mind than stress, which on the contrary, is detrimental to concentration.

4. It fights against insomnia

During sexual intercourse, many hormones are secreted including endorphins, hormones of happiness, which promote a state of relaxation, and prolactin, which lower the level of stress. The body is thus perfectly relaxed and more conducive to falling asleep.

5. It increases immunity

Sex increases the level of immunoglobulins, an antibody that helps fight viruses.

Conversely, frustrations or sexual abstinence play a negative role on the immune system.

6. It prevents prostate cancer

According to several studies, having regular ejaculations, 21 times a month for men aged 20 to 29, would have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer. The risk is thus reduced by 19% compared to those who ejaculate 4 to 7 times per month.

7. It makes lovers

During sexual intercourse the oxytocin, a hormone also known as the “hormone of love” is released. It allows the creation of an attachment towards the other, creating a sentiment of love or reinforcing of bonds. This generally helps to be happy in one’s life.

8. It strengthens the perineum

Sexual intercourse helps maintain the pelvic floor muscles. This is an asset for many women because a third of women experience a weakening of the perineum, especially following childbirth. The muscular perineum also allows for more pleasure.

9. It relieves migraines

Sexual activity would relieve headaches, even migraines. The reason? During intercourse, endorphins are released, and calm the pain. In addition, the blood flow is driven to the genitals and is then less felt in the head.

10. It makes you appear handsome/beautiful

When you have a fulfilling sex life, it is seen from the outside: we look good and take care of ourselves. It boosts femininity in women and virility in men. On the other hand, a low sex life contributes to “letting go”.