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Healthlearner News Fact-Checking Standards

The Healthlearner News team is committed to delivering accurate, objective, and informative content to our readers. Every article we publish is thoroughly fact-checked by our Integrity Team to ensure that all our content adheres to the highest journalistic standards and ethics.

All Healthlearner News articles adhere to the following standards:

  1. All claims, quotes, studies and statistics must have their original source cited.
  2. All cited studies, academic papers, and other sources must be from reputable peer-reviewed publications or academic institutions.
  3. Any content related to new or experimental treatments, operations, drugs, etc. must clearly indicate that the treatment is new, and must describe its availability, potential side effects, known interactions, cost, etc.
  4. Any potential conflicts of interest related to an article must be disclosed in the article.
  5. All news articles must provide sufficient background information and context for the topic of the article.